The musket nerf we have been waiting for months


yea just played an opr where 5+ muskers all went 20/0 or better. these clowns dont know what a nerf is. honestly if amazon cant come up with a solution which i know they arnt capable of just remove the musket entirely. cannot comprehend why a hitscan weapon is a good idea in a 10th century game


Yep the hitscan is the main problem. The range nerf they did to musket was by far not even close to the range we need for this weapon to at least change something.


You’re being shot in the head, via powder burn and a keenly jagged musket, back to back. Not always viable.

REALLY bad example.

yea even a tiny bit of bullet drop and travel time would go a huge way

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Here comes the musket main trying to tell us all that we are delusional about whats wrong with the musket since release. Next thing you gonna tell me that muskets only have 5 con and that guy in the video is risking his life being 5 con while the other guy cant even come in a range where he can fight him without being deleted first. Sadly the musket doesnt have mortal empowerment stacks in that duel because it would be just a one shot then.


I wouldn’t mind musket hitting so damn hard if I can get to them lol. And yep, imagine that with 10 stacks…

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In OPR its worser than before…sry AGS thats not a nerf!


Double headshot standing still , with empowered shooter stance , in light armor and Im willing to bet with 0 thrust damage protection. How is this a realistic scenario?
If you want to make a point , get a musket , go to a OPR and show me a real video of how you play it and how its OP.
I’m waiting for it.


We heard your wrong stories before by many musket mains here claiming how weak the weapon is xD.You can watch any OPR/duel/frag movie even without shooter stance or any onther empowerment this weapon deals at least 3k+ with normal shots on any player but even the BiS well equiped once…a hitscan weapon in an mmorpg lol


I play musket /bow / BB / FS.

And I think there should be changes to the musket , OBVIOUSLY , it shouldn’t be sniper. But if you shoot twice someone while being inmobile in the head , with the lightest armor and no gems and you STILL don’t kill them , I’d say thats a problem. Nerf the fucking range and thats it .


no clue why i have to repeat that 100x maybe because people dont know a single thing about pvp in this Game.
Musket alone was never the Problem. It was/is the ME peark on ring and easy to get stacks as a musket.
I have no idea why they dont start with nerfing the ring instead they trying to nerf the weapon xD


None of the Musket players felt this nerf. -_-


AND shooter’s stance

Issue is its not a sniper. Sniper does pick up important target and takes it does. It does not shoot to all enemy soldiers he can see lol.

And if we can make musket to be like sniper - so long CD weapon with option to remove from combat important targets - then im ok with it to be hitscan. AS long as removing from cobat wont mean 10/10 kill but more kile crazy healing debuff + big dmg - that will force that player to stay out of combat untill debuff is gone so he can heal up and join fight again.

so as somebody mentioned…
are we gonna ignore being in light armor, being headshoted with powder burn, shooter’s stance and keenly jagged?

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Dave Hall said he likes there being snipers in PvP.

jUsT pLaY bEtTeR

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actually the musket is a problem from the beginning, the ring and the glass-runes have done nothing but enhance even more as a result it has attracted more people without hands who want to win

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It defintely needs a range nerf. The issue here is that it is a musket, NOT a sniper. Muskets were NOT accurate for long range shooting in the least bit. After say 100-150 yards it was basically a 50% accuracy hit.

Im not a developer in any sense, but I think making it a quicker load and making it a mid range weapon would be a good solve.

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