The new Dungeon is

thing is game has full wipe mechanics but they so easy to do so it’s almost impossible to fail them

so what you really asking for is harder to solve full wipe mechanics and generally more fun to do than hit a boss or hide behind rock

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Thats what I am talkin about, in Lost Ark PvE is more focused on those mechanic focusing what are u doing if u need stagger boss or change skills to low stagger etc, without those mechanics bosses die very fast.

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huh!!! … ehm. no. ive done it yesterday with completely randoms and no voice. its ez.

just run with tank and DD say them they need to kill the adds. its very ez with pugs.

dunno i have only voidbent gear and had not problems at all, i think none of you randoms understand the mechanics and then its fail - yes…

The trick is to not look for the circles at all mate. Look for where the mobs spawn the circles don’t spawn where the mobs do.

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Oh hell. Thank you!

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This is currently on our bug megathread:

  • Quest Reward containers from Isabella quests do not reward players with appropriate gear

That’s just your own skewed personal opinion. New World is both PvE AND PvP. Both of those game modes should and are viable reasons to be playing the game. Maybe for you, personally, PvP is more important, which is fine. But for many others, New World is a chance to enjoy playing both PvE and PvP content. I certainly hope Amazon continue doing the great job they are doing in catering to both.

It’s not an opinion, it’s fact. NW 6 months after release has less PvE content than basically any other major MMO at launch.

Anyone asking for Devs to focus on PvE is guaranteeing the game will fail.

the bosses are not friendly to melee dps wink wink.

same reason dynasty is soo hated.

you cannot just grit through your problem here you have to dodge and pay very close attention to everything.

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Definitelly needs nerf. Nowadays all the global chat full of spams like "lfm tempest dps free, lfm tempest tank free because of rage quits :joy: I can’t imagine how challenging will be the mutations are without a nerf. They will be like a mission impossible

I mean… The new Dungeon is amazing, visually. The bosses are very fun to play against but what the hell is that boosted loot we have ?
We spent so much time crafting to get a full triple perk set for nothing…
The update was huge and I really liked it but I really don’t get why you added so much good loot here… so sad…

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speak for yourself

its been green bags all the way down for me.

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I agree with your feelings Synopsis.
In my opinion it is quite stupid to have such high loot in a dungeon which moreover is not even in mutation 3 or 4. In addition in 2 runs, some players have looted 6 or even more legendary items. Not to mention the fact that these items are PVP oriented. It’s a big mess… I’m very disappointed


Dynasty Shityard 2.0, dungeon that runs 40+min and the pots only last 40min, so any delay and you have to spend new ones, on top of that, we had 5 ppl over 620GS and couldn’t properly do the dungeon of all the oneshot mechanics and nasty stuff like the boss roles with his tail, slows you for 3 sec, while also spawning fire circles and now you’re fucked. I can only Imagine how M10 is going to be like. The first run we actually didn’t finish as we got kicked out of the dungeon (the 3 hour limit), it was so so so painful.
Overall, just like Depth and Dynasty Shityard, this dungeon is out of my rotation. I feel slowly being pushed away and i to Dota 2. Ahhh, and kudos on extending Dynasty Shityard mutation for 5 days, I get more time to play other games. My whole company quit New world over the past 2 months (40+ ppl) and lots of my friends have been offline.
Did I mention that I cant buy mutation orbs in the faction shop? Fun, fun, fun

You just have to get good lmao. I have no problem with the dungeon, it is the best one I have ever done. Just learn to dodge :wink:

I can dodge all I want, but when the healer and tank die, its pretty much useless. And all the encounters before the snake boss are pointless and boring.

Get better healers and tanks then. As for the encounters before the snake boss, it might be a little boring, but the atmosphere of the dungeon and music makes it all worth it.

You just have to get good or get in a good group. the dungeon is currently at the right balance not too hard and not too easy. You cannot blame others for your own incompetence.


Naaah man, after a mentally exhausting day at work, I ain’t got no time for drama. I’ve done Laz/Gen M10s way easier than this shit. Hence why I just put it in the Naaaah Basket alongside Dynasty and Depths

You have done them easier because they have been out for 6 months and not everyone knows the new dungeon. Your reasons are meaningless. Go play a destiny dungeon and get back to me lol