The new "legendary"

I really really really miss REAL legendary stuff, you know from other MMO games far back that only only few could achieve on the server.
Today legendary feels more like epic, it’s too much of them and to many drops to make it “legendary”.

So I have a suggestion on the new legendary:
It would be called “infinity” and will come with a black and faded red background. That would be awesome and ofc the looks/skins on weapons/armor should be extra ordinary too.
It’s a grinder game and too have that goal to grind for should take my game experience to absolute highest level!

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Legendary house takes 150 townsyanding to buy :stuck_out_tongue:

what house is that?

None ATM but there should be imo :stuck_out_tongue: maybe the one in every town that not being used :stuck_out_tongue:

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