The new meta? Lag exploit destroying the game

Just encountered this for the first time out of many wars. While everyone else has been stacking gaxe/hammer and void healers in the past 10+ wars, this crew brought all mages and some tanks.

Tanks jump on the point and then they bait a group to the point then mages lag out the server and it registers their tanks taking the point but nobody can damage them because the server is gummed up and everyone is frozen, but they’re still ticking away while the server doesn’t register anyone else getting on the point.

All of our screens looked like this:

We even called them out on it and they called it 'a game mechanic" because they can do it with the game. Nobody else is doing it but 1 group.


Sad is what it is. What do we even say at this point… game is broken. The engine can’t support this game.

Wait til someone comes in here and calls your video toxic for being evidence of poor game performance.



Happened yesterday on our server too, half of the company quitted the game


I’ll post one more thing because this has been on my mind. You know who I’m pissed off at the most?

It’s not AGS, even though it’s ags leadership that made the most mistakes… it’s the influencers who lied to all of us and hyped up this game and made us believe they knew what they were talking about. When all they did was take money to say whatever they were told to say. They sold out.

And they are not devs, they are fellow gamers. That’s what pisses me off. That they took the money and ran.

I’ll never believe game influencers again. Ever. Especially the ones that were involved here.


This exploit is why the nerfed mage aoe before. If I remember right they made it so multiple circles don’t stack to discourage just having tons of them. I remember the cliche was that the side with the most mages always wins etc.

I stopped hearing much about it until reading this post. I wish I could remember the patch log they tried to address the specifically but it’s been around forever.

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If you listen to influencers and continue to buy into this I think there is only one person to blame…


This won’t be fixed unless they make the dots even slower or remove them completely because the backend code of this game cannot handle multiple dots at same time. This issue is appearing again after some time due to ig and vg dots being spammed due to the popularity of these weapons , there are at least 50 mages or more in a single war and most of them use ig with vg so you can estimate how many dot effects are going at any given time.

They have two options , either fix the code or remove the dots , one of them is far simpler than the other and fixing the code requires some level competence but we know they have none so it is what it is.


This exploit is why the nerfed mage aoe before. If I remember right they made it so multiple circles don’t stack to discourage just having tons of them.

They did and while they don’t do stacked damage anymore they appear to still stack network calls and the server freezes up.

The server still has to figure out which of the circles is going to give damage and its still getting network messages for each person ticking inside the circle x the number of circles even if only 1 is doing damage and it locks up the entire server and drops packets not just for people inside the aoes.

It may be a combination of different aoes as well fire, healing, and void aoes stacking. But you know it’s fishy when they have 20+ ice gauntlets in a war knowing that the damage doesn’t stack.

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This game has more lives than a million cats. Every day it’s dying because this or that…yet here we are lol.


“xD” thats all I want say.


So the other team is exploiting because the server lags during wars?

I can’t tell if this is a get gud moment or not.

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Best shotcaller ever " AOE AOE AOE MAKE THEM LAG MAKE THEM LAG AOE AOE ON POINT" xD Nothing will suprise me in this game xD


It’s not just the lag, it’s the combination of when and how they trigger it at to win. They have to be in the right spot using the right strategy and then kick it off and there’s nothing you can do. There’s no fight, everyone is just frozen while the server ticks credit for one side but not the other. You’ll appear on the point and then randomly you’re 10 yards off the point when your client finally updates, usually once you die. It’s not just stacking aoes it’s stacking 20+ aoes at the same time and they have to be on a group of people so each aoe is ticking 10 players and while only 1 does damage the other 19 aoes are overrunning the server with packets and it can’t keep up.

They found a way to ddos the server on demand…the wars last 8-10 minutes it’s broken af.


Dude, influencers are as much to blame as dentists are for cavities. If influencers are a problem, then it’s all the hypebeasts that buy into it who are at fault. Remember Cyberpunk 2077? Everyone was losing their shit, all over Keanu Reeves walking back and forth on a stage saying “Cyber Punk Twenny Sevenny Seven!” And for what? We had no teaser of what the game was then; we had no inference that its gameplay would be unique or a benchmark; we had no ideas about the story and whether it would just be a shallow knockoff of Shadowrun or its own intricate story.

But everyone bought right into it. Fucking why? Why? Have they no dignity–no love for themselves anymore? Buying into the guy who played Ted “Theodore” Logan alongside Alex Winter’s Bill S. Preston, repeating the name of the game over and over? And look at it… it came out, it was a mess, it broke a thousand and one promises, and it delivered ‘a game experience.’ It was ‘great,’ ‘good,’ whatever-- and I still hear and see more about Fallout: New Vegas, which came out like a fuckassed full decade prior.

People just want to be hype. They don’t need a thing to be hype for, they’re like simps but for consumption-- it doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t even matter if they’re getting what they ask for. They just need the sensation of simping and receiving that ‘aww, you’re so sweet!’-- they need the sensation of hype and receiving that ‘this is SO cool! did you see that?’

The real problem is not the people smart enough to ply a market for easy money so they never have to worry about a dental bill again; it’s the people who eat this shit up so constantly. How am I to blame AAA devs for never goddam trying and releasing the same dumb shit over and over again when people are clearly eating it up like their last meal?


are we back to day 1 war? ‘’ spam ice storm, lag them out!’’ tactics?

nice! we’ve come full circle.

coming up next : hatchet invulnerability!


Well, we’re back to ice storm dmg stacking if you have varying weapon levels cast it, as well as if someone has the corresponding armor perk or not for it. That meta went away when dmg couldnt stack anymore, now it can. Oh, and bonus, the dmg perk is bugged and can be applied to all weapons, so bonus.

When the hatchet exploit was around, the bug was at least tied to a weapon no one used in wars. All of the current bugs we experience are tied to ice gauntlet (and VG’s scream if you’re talking about movement bug), which is the meta weapon everyone is stacking anyway, so combat just feels gross. Roots breaking on dmg like a stun would probably be the best solution, even if far from optimal.


i’m honestly having a hard time keeping up with all the bugs and meta-changing bugs.

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You’re not alone. In most cases you’d expect them to be fixed before a wide swath changes over to capitalize on said bugs, but it doesn’t look like we’re getting fixes any time soon for these so the meta is bug chasing on top of the root spam.


Still a viable strategy since a month out of launch. For some reason on launch week, everything seemed good as far as I know. Not sure what happened. In January, after xmas break for me, things seem to be more unstable and I’m not sure if it’s my internet connection, if AGS downgraded the backend, or if they broke something amongst their packet crunching. I’m rubberbanding 2-7 seconds out during a 4-5 party chest run. Myrkgard hounds would be dumping grit attacks non-stop back to back and most of the time I wouldn’t know how I died.

A solution I’d recommend is to introduce some network analysis tools to help us determine if it’s the backend or if it’s our internet connection that’s the issue. Maybe the ISP’s are capping the bandwidth, widespread cyber attacks, or AGS’s backend is falling apart, etc.?


This isn’t intentional, it’s just spaghetti code on last point + fort that can’t handle 100 people at same time.

One more reminded that wars between competitive companies are unplayable.