The new movement and mechanics has broken the game

Firstly, I’d like to say I have over 60 days played, and I absolutely love this game and only want to see it change in positive ways but as far as the new movement and mechanic goes I’ve felt the update was so game changing I had to discuss it and hopefully reach someone at the dev team.

This new update has totally changed the movement in the wrong direction. The light roll and queuing abilities really feels way clunkier than pre patch. I believe it should’ve been a new option to either play the new light roll or the old one along with queuing abilities. I’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting my movement and mechanics on this game and because of this update I feel like I’m back at square one.

I’ve noticed that there’s already bugs with queuing abilities that make you vulnerable in pvp. One of which being the fact that if you use an ability on your current weapon and then weapon swap, it’ll also que the same ability on the 2nd weapon without having to re-hit the abilities key bind.

I truly believe this needs to either get reverted or become an option because it ruins the gameplay of so many classes. I’m curious to see what everyone on the forums thinks and any positive or negative feedback on this I’d love to hear it so please drop a comment, I’ll be reading through all the replies.

Thanks for your time,
nicksy of orofena :slight_smile:


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