The new PVE UNDERCLASS, why did the Devs choose a side?

I don’t understand why the Devs had to create winners out the PVP minority and losers out of the PVE majority. If you think giving a massive elite benefit to one group is not massively disenfranchising the other group, then you are mistaken. If the tables were turned and PVE had a 10% loot luck bonus and 30% gather luck bonus, then how would the PVP players react? The potato chip would fall right out of the aghast open mouths of the PVP players. There would be a wailing and gnashing of teeth of biblical proportions.

PVP players always carry on about how the game was designed initially as a PVP game. It is irrelevant. It is only about what the game was advertised as at launch when people put their money down, and about the state of the game now.

New World made a clear choice at the start of the game that there would be no PVP servers, that this would be a game where the two playstyles would co-exist. There was no hint that one group would be preferred over the other. For the most part the game development seemed to have been quite successful in this balance up until now.

On the PVP gameplay side however the usual rot was starting to set in. On quite a few occasions the open world PVP aspect was starting to turn into gank squads roaming the countryside looking for solo/duo players to pounce on. Now at least for a short time there will be more of it. PVP gameplay at its finest.

I did though think on one occasion that it was mildly amusing seeing 12 PVP guys steamroll one oblivious chad picking up an ore node, with the PVP leader commenting in local chat ‘Hey buddy this ain’t no christmas special’.

But this is also ultimately the problem, solo/duo payers flagged in the open world going out gathering resources will inevitably be ganked once too often by the roaming death squads, and then they won’t flag again. The solo/duo players will eventually realise that the new PVP preferred nature of the game means that they are really up against it, and that it is time to move on to another game. Most of us don’t want to play a game where we are looking over our shoulders all the time.

Curiously on the forums I see a few comments from PVP players, saying ‘see this is what PVE players get for not letting us have PVP servers from the start’. This is an interesting comment from two points of view. Firstly, there is a real venom that PVP players have towards PVE players, what is that about? This is definitely not reciprocated, PVE players are nearly all indifferent to PVP players. Secondly the PVP players are well aware that PVE players have been royally shafted, somehow to the PVP player this massive percentage luck change is their ‘revenge’. There is something rather unsettling about this, about the mindset of some of the PVP players, it’s a very real us versus them diatribe and the Devs have handed them the perfect opportunity to tell everyone about it.

I can see the future in this game for me …

I log on and I see a dungeon run I’d like to like to go on being organised, but it’s advertised as pvp only. I logged on, I lost.

I log on and I check I’m wearing my luck gear, but wait a minute, the PVP players are effectively carrying 4 more luck gear pieces with their 10% luck bonus. I logged on, I lost.

I log on and I go out into the wilderness and flag for the 30% gathering bonus, I get ganked within 20 minutes by a roaming death squad. I logged on, I lost.

It’s only for so long that you can live with a losing proposition. It’s a compelling reason not to play.

The Devs have created a two-horse race out of PVE and PVP, when they didn’t even have to go to the races at all.

For a PVP preference decision like this to be made, it does tell us something about the PVP mindset of the Devs, or at least some of them, leaving us all to ponder exactly what PVP preferred changes will be made to the game in the future, maybe this really is just the start. What happens next if we don’t all comply with this new luck directive and begin to PVP our little hearts out?

Is it right to make obvious winners and losers out of different groups in the player base? Who decided that one playstyle was more important than another? Who decided to try to force one particular playstyle on the entire player base? Who decided to tear up the PVE PVP balance that people understood they were getting when they bought the game? There is a fundamental question here of impartiality, fairness, and freedom of choice without any form of coercion.

I now appeal to those Devs who favour a balanced approach to the game, I urge you to rise to the occasion and fight against the oppression of PVP preference.

This is a pivotal moment in the game, the restoration of PVE/PVP balance happens now or never.

So, very soon unless things change, I will play less and less. After just one day I already have that feeling of ‘why bother’ when I log in now. By change, I don’t mean a ‘fix’ that tinkers about at the edges by reducing the percentages for PVP preferred luck, I mean total elimination of the PVP preference.

I’ve played hundreds of hours in the game, I have 200 in every skill except fishing and furnishing/weaponsmith which are both at 150. I was taking the time to set myself up for years to come in the game. I group up with a few friends who also don’t and won’t flag PVP, and they agree that their future gameplay is now at best uncertain, the enthusiasm they had for the game is evaporating.

Clearly the New World team have created something very special in the MMO market. Quite literally this game is the real McCoy, I’ve been waiting years for something like this, you were on the right track. I even bought another copy for a friend to play. We finally get there, and one gameplay change just turns the whole thing upside down. Massively disappointing.


If the developers want more people flagged in their game, the unflagged players have to be on the losing end of that trade off.

That’s just how it is.

If you get to run around the world untouched by other players, but can still gather their resources in their face, you have nothing to complain about.

Just as if you run around flagged with a massive bonus to luck, but still have to deal with unflagged players gathering resources in your face, you have a lot less to complain about.

If it is that large of a pain point, leave the game to show them this, and if enough people care that much they will be forced to find a different solution.


Every other game I have played that has a PVP and PVE component in the same title has massively incentivized PVP play from both an XP and in-game currency perspective. Without it, there wouldn’t be enough players to make the PVP elements populated enough to be relevant.

Even though I have played 99% PVE so far at Level 49, I don’t have a problem with PVP players being rewarded in open world play for assuming more complications and “risk” by going flagged.


Right, and you’re the average - logical player.

There are very entitled, spoiled people in this game though. As with all games. That don’t look past their own nose.

Every time a side, be it PvP vs PvE, Horde vs Alliance, etc. is given an advantage to try and incentivize it’s use there will be a minority of players who complain that they are now at a disadvantage.

In this case that disadvantage is as easy to fix as pressing U before you leave a sanctuary, so I don’t really sympathize. PvPers help keep MMOs alive, no matter what people want to say, they are more active and more involved in the game - even if some of that activity makes people feel like they’ve been griefed or bullied.

The friendships and interactions you can have while flagged are so much more varied than baseline PvE content if you just give up a small aspect of your own control within the game, and if that’s not for you - great - don’t flag. Y’know?


this a good solution to a solo people stealing resources from PVP groups, solo players need be social players and find a PVP group or leave this game, because for now you farm only trash.

now need found solution to other tings:

  • healer classes vanishment
  • nerf changes in less used classes, and untouch majority damage dealers
  • bugs fix ( need fix a root of problem not wait player ticket and made espefic fix )
  • mobs entity changes without concern for the community
  • equipament changes changes without concern for the community
  • bugs fix

oh i said bug fix 2x

I just think zones that cannot be owned by any of the factions should be forced flagging at all times, always on.

Would fix a lot of the issues in this game.

That would be Eden’s Grove, Shattered Mountains, and Great Cleave.


this, and PVE specific server is a a most expressive comunity feedback, but community manager not passing correct data or no one care

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Just out of curiosity, what games are you referring to? In my experience, it’s much more common for MMOs to separate PvE and PvP content as much as possible - different areas / instances, different gear sets, different currency / tokens, etc.


No it would make people do activities they don’t want to do and they would stop playing. I don’t know if you noticed but the player base is declining already. We need solutions being suggested which make room for both pvp and pve players. We do not need players defending solutions that drive people away from the game.

There have been some good suggestions. My favorite one is to cap luck at 30% and bring pvp players to the cap while they are flagged. Whatever the solution is, it should be good for everyone and not just some of the people.


Can you point me towards anyone you know who has quit the game specifically because being flagged gives a bonus to luck?

EDIT: Nevermind you’re responding to a different post.

I disagree, but would like to see dungeons become more accessible if they were to go down the road of always flagged zones.

You mean LIKE YOU ALREADY DID BY WEARING HARVESTING GEAR? If I wanted to go out and harvest, I either had to unflag, or be at a massive disadvantage vs other people flagged because I couldn’t wear my PvP gear.

You might say: “W-well… why is the luck so high for flagging?”, and that’s an easy one, to account for the fact I’m not going to get every single node I come across. Some fights, I’m going to lose and die, therefor if we had equal luck stats, I’m still at a disadvantage flagging.

How entitled do you have to be to see other people finally getting some love, and take that as some kind of personal attack against you? Nothing’s changed for you. Relax, you get the identical stuff you did before the patch for being unflagged. You’ll be fine.


me, not because luck, because to farm good itens i need luck, to need luck i need stay in PVP mode, and in PVP mode i die solo.
I hate play in group, just quit game

Sorry to hear that! I hope enough players feel the same way so that they find a different solution that works for you.

NW is a PvP centered game. Accept it or don’t. AGS won’t change this

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Even if they gave flagged players 200% luck and gathering luck bonus, it will not force me to flag. I flag when I want to PVP and when I want to gather, I unflag. Actually, in a weird way, they will almost make me an ore troll again flagged players trying to farm orichalcum, so what is next? I just point and laugh until they start name calling. Really, all it will ultimately do is breed more division between player mindsets.


Management forces people play in PVP group, when activate luck, you can see some tankers play solo because can run and stay alive when found a PVP train.

but many people play solo not flag yourself as PVP and socialize as group

Good for you.

I play solo and spend about 30% of my time in open world flagged, when I do not feel like PvPing I just don’t flag. Other players getting a bonus for flagging does not bother me because it does not affect me. I still make gold, I still play the game.

It is very entitled though, think of servers that, like the one im on, are dominated by one faction, one faction duped, exploited drove the others off, it got so bad they made dummy companies on another faction and gave them duped gear just so they could win trade certain territories. now you have one faction dominant, one faction is a dummy faction, and the third is non existent.

Now, the only way to get into a group for watermark farming is to be flagged as people want the highest probabilities to get gear, so now only one faction gets gear or watermark, the second one if they want to up the dummy faction, the third gets shat on, no more mixed faction farming. No more mixed faction farming resources in shat mountain as people want the highest outcome, and for a faction that has 80% of the map with a player ratio of 30 to 10 to 1 they are able to go around with no worry farm everything and screw over other factions.

Its like saying ok lets do a 10 mile race, but because these people need an incentive, they will start off 30%-40% closer than you will.


This is a pvx game and your complaining about a marginal buff that ultimately has no impact on your gameplay or ability to acquire anything .