The New World Identity Crisis. Why the game will never succeed

New World is a game that I have a long history with, since playing the game back when it was Semi-Full loot PvP focused game, and since then the game has only gotten worse.

Now, before you get mad at me for saying that, im not trying to stir up a post about wishing the game would go back to its former glory (Although I think it should), I simply want to express how, in my eyes the fact that what this game used to be, is ruining the current game and won’t allow it to succeed.

Back in 2019, during the old alpha days of the game, that I like to call “Old World”, the game was in an incredibly different space than it is today. It used to be a game, revolved around Wars, Territory Control, Social experiences, and Companies. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The great thing about all of these systems back then is they had a meaning.

  • Wars were fought for land control to either begin your adventure to the high tier endgame, or position your company in a strategically resource heavy area, or for pure hatred out of another company. This brought a meaning to wars a reason to enlist your players, a reason for people to log on and want to take a territory, because they KNEW it had a major effect on the game.

  • Territory Control was another interesting aspect that AGS fought. On the lands of Terra Vitae Aeternum, holding a territory meant something, whether you were small or big, it gave you access to building your own bastion and shaping the land of the world you stumbled upon into whatever you wanted. Land was split into chunks around the world, that was claimable by any company, once you owned it you had to build and protect it, fortifying it with walls, and your crafting stations to gear up your fellow company mates.

  • The social experiences meant something back in the day, because you carried a reputation with the company you were in, since how much land was available, a lot of different companies had land, and if you gave someone the wrong foot your reputation with them could influence wars or even alliances if you got on the right foot with each other. Almost everyone you ran into in the world back then used VC, it was the main way of speaking to everyone in the game, no matter where you met someone in game, there was always a social experience to be had with them.

  • Companies were a huge aspect back then, there was a reason to be in them. Sure you could play the game as a solo player, it wasn’t impossible, but you were missing out on a lot of fun without being in a company. Back then each player could only spec into two trade skills, meaning you had to come together with players if you wanted to succeed in every regard. It gave companies a reason of grouping people together instead of just giving a name above the player.

There’s plenty of more systems like this, like camps. Camps used to be designed for the solo-player back in the day, for a trade skill “Survivalist”, the more points you put into it the higher tier the camp that you got. With the camp you used to be able to make T1-5 weapons and Fur Armor, food and potions depending on the tier of the camp, it also proved as a mobile home for the solo-player when they went to adventure around the map. The best thing about all of this, is that the camp has lost all of its purpose in the game currently and no reason for it to be even in the game anymore. You cant even rotate the camp in-game anymore, even though the tooltip at the bottom right still exists for it, which to me shows they probably wanted to take it out of the game but didn’t have time.

The reason I wanted to explain all of these systems to you is to show you how the current New World is having an identity crisis. They use all of these systems that were implemented off the idea of how the game used to be, and have tried to changed them to fit their new genre they wanted to swap into. The problem with them trying to do this, is it just shows the players, especially to me they just wanted to cut corners to make a game that would make them more money in the short term.

I personally can never see this game succeeding in the long run in its current state, its having too much of a problem still trying to identify what kind of game it wants to be. It can’t figure out if it wants to be a MMORPG, or a open world survival game.

  • Wars, literally are awful. Not in the aspect of how they perform, which is also very bad, but in the idea of them in general. You used to SIEGE a literal player made base with, incredible amounts of planning before-hand. You needed to not only get the resources to make Powder Kegs to blow the base up, you needed to transport them to the outpost before the war started, you needed to organize and setup your players, and made sure everyone knew what was going on. All that we have now is a CtF gamemode, that has no right to be called a war. There is barely any planning that’s needed anymore, its as brain dead as it can get. Now im not saying the system back in Old World wasn’t brain dead either, all you had to do was just pay X amount of gold to war a company, but back then, war was a huge decision and something you had to spend a lot of time and company members to do.

  • Territory Control in the game currently is one of the WORST mechanics in the game. Not only does it limit the amount of players who can actually experience owning land, and being in wars and invasions, it influences most of the player base to be in big companies that own these lands. There’s also just no reason to own a piece of land anymore except for getting tax money from all the peasants who use the territory, AND THATS IF ITS A MAIN TERRITORY. The territory system back in Old World would allow new players who came into the game a very fair chance at a piece of land without interference from big companies. All southern territories with a few exceptions were owned by small companies. That means it was super easy for small companies to get the funds to finally go to war and compete for one of those pieces of land, OR if one of the companies were negligent to pay upkeep on the territory, or stopped played it allowed EASY access for a small company to take over that piece of territory. I truly don’t understand why they ever changed how territory control worked, it was a terrific idea, sure it had its problems, but it was amazing, and it could even work with the current faction system in the game. It could have been more like Planetfall 2’s system. Scott, my man. Mr. Lane please dm me why you guys decided on this change. I understand it had it’s problems, but there were so many work arounds you could have taken.

  • They changed Companies to be more in line like guilds in other MMORPGs, and tried to give them a presence in the game, and now companies feel terrible to be apart of. Also what’s the point of a 100 player limit of a company?? You can only slot 50 for a war. If you wanted room for subs make the limit 60 or 75. They also didn’t even feel the need to add higher member counters when you look at the company listings when they decided to increase the limit from 50 to 100. They just kept the same old 51+. And before you comment saying “They did it to stop sub and sister companies”, look at how that turned out. In El Dorado there’s a company that has 3 sub companies, all with different roman numerals after its name.

What im trying to get at after this very long post is that, with how the game currently is I don’t see any way for it to grow and exist and EXPECT to flourish when it wants to have the identity of being an MMORPG with also being an open world survival game. Especially while they try to incentivize PvP more and more with the days going by, and make the end-game mostly revolve around territory control and wars, it almost dumbfounds me why they ever decided to change the route of the game.

One last note I want to leave out on is that AGS seems to not have any soul in their game anymore, back in Old World at the end of every wipe, which meant a major patch was coming, the GM’s ALWAYS threw parties and events. We dueled the GM’s (I know youre out there Fayd), We got new weapons to test and have fun with (loved slaying kids with paddles), They spawned invasions on our territories, we lined up in lines for autographs. It felt like they had a soul in their game still and cared about interacting with us. The best we’ve gotten in this form of interaction is a Hide and Seek game back in closed beta.

I will openly argue with anyone who responds.

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You put a lot of thought into that, I can tell. We can both just hope for it to get better. Maybe someone will notice this and take your thoughts into consideration. Good luck

Full open world loot PVP has NEVER worked and it amazes me that you all think it has.

Also no it should NOT go back to the way it was as alot of us bought it for the PVP when you want to aspect. Being forced to pvp is the dumbest thing any game has ever had.

Even games like Albion online have open pvp on certain maps but if you don’t want to pvp you never have to.

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See the problem here Nautika, is that you completely neglected all other points I touched on.

I never once brought up full loot PvP, and tried comparing how it used to be to now. I touched base on the MAJOR mechanics in the game. I agree with you that there should never be massive full loot open world pvp. Now they should introduce it into the Elite Zones, like they used to have. While also having a PvP server for players that want that full loot open world experience.

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“Full open world loot PVP has NEVER worked and it amazes me that you all think it has.”

  • It works in every PVP game ever.

You are incorrect. Albion thrives to this day even with its toxicity. You reference a game with more griefers than any I have ever seen.

Being “forced” into PVP? This is what a PVP server is for. The dynamic of the game literally changes completely with world loot PVP on a server, you band together, you play together, you are a part of a community and know names of those who would slay you - have a reason to play the game.

Suggestion: Allow us Alpha players a server that matters to us. Do not shame us for YOU not enjoying a full scale PVP world.

I agree with everything stated EXCEPT - there are far too many servers for individual admins to spend their time on events. This is no longer a small scale game. Maybe with upcoming server mergers and people fading to the three month MMO attrition we could see a more active role. But not currently.

Read his post - giving actual accounts of real PVP games still running: Planetfall 2. If the PVP was like Planetside 2 and we actually TOOK towns, it would be crazy fun. My problem with this is there is nothing to incentivize PVE at all if this is the case. The tide of battle would be all that matters to most. The “pushing” a territory through PVP quests should just cease to be the method. They have in world turn ins already for quests. They have the ability to just push objectives for us if flagged for something like this to push a territory.

Fellow Alpha Player Unite

ape strong together

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