The "not your game gtfo" is getting old

One of the most disappointing things I’ve noticed in reading posts on here is a consistent theme amongst some players that the game “should be left the way it is” and “not be forced to change” based on other players’ feedback, leading to the inevitable “if you don’t like it gtfo” statement.

Many of us have played a variety of MMOs, and have experienced MMO gaming in our own unique ways. But one thing I’m fairly certain of is that we’re all used to seeing the toxic MMO culture, especially in PVP focused MMOs. I know I’ve done my fair share of badmouthing others in games, though the years have brought some wisdom and I do my best to avoid that. I’ve seen too many good games die because the community is toxic - and I think NW is just another game on that list.

If this game is to become a good, long lasting MMO, you will want a game that’s engaging not just because it’s the hot thing right now but because it tells a good story, has a good community, and is fun playing. Right now, New World is engaging just because it’s the hot thing. There are so many great ideas in the game that aren’t quite finished or not fully thought through, and I think if they follow through and bring some quality finish to the game, it has the potential to be lasting. Most people providing criticism and feedback are likely on this same boat: they like the game enough that they want it to be better. The straight out haters that call this trash can be ignored, but those that are giving substantive feedback about gameplay and systems clearly see something in this game they care about.

If you love this game, and you want to see it grow and deepen, please take a moment to think before you react to peoples’ feedback. The more you tell people to gtfo the quicker this game dies.


It’s because there is WAY too much crying on here, demanding things be changed to suit a bunch of random desires. The only thing that needs to be changed are actual bugs/exploits and perhaps a few very minor things tweaked as insanely OP/UP things come to light.

Most posts are not providing any usefull ideas…jut complaining because people want everything handed to them instantly(Can’t pvp? complain the builds that killed you are OP, Can’t find a dungeon group at 3AM server time within 5 minutes? complain that there is no LFG/LFD button, Cant find a node within 5 minutes? Complain that respawn timers need fixed etc etc).

A good game has a solid core and players ADAPT to the game…not the other way around. with the exception of actually broken things, nearly any MMO that spends all it’s time catering to every whim gets ruined. Of course there are going to be things that need to be fixed/changed, but if you look at the core of what the game is right now…it’s not hard to imagine the devs/minds who brought you this have a vision for the game moving forward and it will turn out just fine.

People are tired of the crying about everything, and lets be real…it’s been ONE WEEK, and the forums are already “this NEEDS changed or the game will die blah blah blah” posts. Patience is all that’s required here…patience and the ability to actually enjoy yourself.


Some of use already played Old World in 2008 when it was called WoW. We bought this game thinking the name… New World… might bring something new to the table. Having the deep pockets of Amazon, I had high hopes they’d come up with something new and fun. Instead it’s WoW from over a decade ago with a small fraction of the features.

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idk the games pretty average. people saying it’s good are deluded.


You are absolutely wrong on this. People aren’t complaining because they want things handed on a platter - they’re complaining because they think it can be better. People paid money for something, they think it can be better, their dollars give them agency to provide feedback. Respect that.

A good game has a solid core, good players can adapt to different systems… but a great game makes a bad player better with well thought out systems, systematic progression, fair rewards, etc. Yes, I can see that the foundation of this system is great - and I can see its potential. But to me they released it without really finishing any aspect of the game, primarily to recoup their money before Lost Ark is released.

You’re tired of the feedback people are giving. But as one of my fav mmo content producer Josh Strife Hayes puts it - whenever you’re asking players to “stick around because it will be better”, it just begs the question: why isn’t it better now?

As I said, people who actually take the time to post on here like the game enough to post on the forums. That means they want to play this game, it matters to them. Now Amazon has a chance to try to keep them playing (and take their $$$) or they can let everyone go to Lost Ark.


Well said. I agree on all counts.

I’ve played these things since the birth of the industry, and the “internet tough-guy” routine in a ‘entertainment product’, that has no comparison to real life struggles (and certainly not real warfare) is juvenile, frankly.

This is a game. One that people purchase to participate in. Its not a real war, nor is it a job or epic event in one’s life. So, unless all of those players who are defending the current state of the game, are going to be providing the revenue that will be the return on investment to AGS, the usefulness of their opinion is limited.

I’m not looking at any real metrics, but I’ve been a consumer of this industry long enough to know that the player base that skews toward imbalanced, ‘gank’ style PvP are a revenue minority

I’m with you on the fact that this game has tremendous potential. I don’t regret my purchase, and I’m looking forward to this game maturing. But I will wait until then to seriously play it.

This game has set conditions to one of its chief features, that will lead to inevitable second and third order of effects. AGS’ biggest deficit here, was their lack of effective predicative analysis. And yes, thats a ‘thing’. Professionals from a wide variety of sectors provide that kind of forecasting all of the time.

Listening to popular people on Twitch and Youtube is in no way, effective analysis.

The current PvP scheme, coupled with server size and demographics, will lead to a perpetual cycle of faction monopoly and insular, clique-ish companies.

Its fixable. There are plenty of working titles, that have variations of this theme in a way that gets more people engaging in PvP content. I’m surprised that AGS didn’t simply look at these many alternatives that have already proven successful.

On top of that, there is a whole suite of staple features that are industry norms that are missing in this game. (appearance tabs, guild management, etc)

Again, its week one. So, even with my critique, I still have high hopes for the future of the game. But it won’t garner more of my attention until there is a definitive road map, that includes necessary changes.

Conversely, the game very much needs optimization. Like others, I have a fairly robust machine that plays other games on high settings just fine. But this game runs a bit choppy; not horrible, but not as good as it should. I am not worried too much about that, because most new titles need optimizing, and that usually occurs with the first volley of patches.


This. This statement is one of the reasons why I think it’s not helpful to tell other people to “leave the game”. I wish that would stop because there’s so much potential with such a good foundation and economy. If players leave now, this game won’t really fulfill that potential imo.

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I love this game for a lot of the reasons that people are complaining about. It’s weird that you think that the people saying to leave it alone should stop talking when you are advocating for the voice of those who want it changed. I personally hope it stays the same and if there are so many people who agree with me then there is obviously a market for the game as it is.

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I can only add here. Dont make it more like wow. Then we are settled. Then it will stay engaging. It got alot of potential. But hope they wont go to far to fast. Or we have another mmo dying adventure like…well just said that name. Wont say it twice haha.

But indeed there is room for even better things and stuff etc…I dont think Amazon created NW with the idea that its already how it will be coming years.

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Better is very subjective sometimes. More content ideas: almost always good or discussed. Things suggesting the game should be made easier not so much. Things like mounts, dungeon finder, etc are things that have been in all MMOs for a decade, and a lot of people are just straight up bored/tired of all MMOs of recent.

WoW sticks around because it is the best of that sort of MMO. The annoying thing is there USED to be a variety of MMOs out there for a variety of different players to enjoy. Now there is really only one type of MMO around with different story/art. They all feel very similar. So when people come in saying things like the classic “I’m an extremely experienced MMO player so listen to me” it all just starts to sound like “All other MMOs I’ve played do this, so this one should too.”

That isn’t an argument for a better game, that is an argument to make a new game more similar to another game you already liked and played. This pervasive thought process is also why developers push so hard to copy other successful games, which then leads to everyone complaining that all games feel “like WoW” (or insert any other very successful game). It’s a silly circle.

So sometimes when people say just leave it as is or suggest maybe the game isn’t for you: Don’t take it so personally. It’s not a toxic thing to say. It simply means stop trying to make this game, that many people actually enjoy FOR its differences, more like your favorite game that already exists.


Something average can be good. Vanilla ice cream, pepperoni pizza, a Marvel superhero movie.


If a quality product remains it will continue to thrive, “the community” is not made up of a majority of peev’ed off spotty youths who are very text vocal, most decent people are playing the game and don’t have want to invest the time to post on the forum.

Obviously the official forums aren’t looking good from an advertisement perspective but Amazon didn’t care too greatly about the launch state with a great lack of servers or any clever procedures to almost eliminate queue’ing and what’s worse is that it was 50% likely you would be kicked out from queue (which was thankfully resolved a couple of days ago). On that front, the uproar and comments are deserved and it’s quite normal for any massive online game not just an mmo.

Also, if they did proper surveying of what people would want from an mmo, a RESPECTABLE mount system would probably be one of them, horses are historical and a toned down version of Black Desert Online’s horse system + management and camp site intergration would be fantastic but Amazon chose not to do it.

You can’t expect a good reaction, the game is good, there is no need to just slap the “toxic” label, just except reality, people are different and want different things, I don’t NEED mounts and I think a lot of the core game right now is great but I could certainly see some additions for improvement that should of definetly been considered for the average joe of an MMORPG player.

Most people here don’t even want to play New World they want to play a clone of some other MMO that they quit. In that case, telling them to go play that MMO instead is a valid argument. If you loved dungeon finder, the focus on PvE and grinding. Go play WoW literally.

It’s like if I buy CSGO and start complaining that there are no perks and aiming down sights like in Call of Duty. If you want your game to be like something else then go play that instead.


the game is way more than average… just sounds like this isn’t your type of game… I have been enjoying it a lot.

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I don’t agree with you at all here.

I’ve seen objectively sensible things suggested on many occasions only to see the suggestion smashed into oblivion by a bunch of people doing exactly what the OP pointed out.

well if you don’t like how the game is, I guess you know what you can do.

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this game is supes good. stop all the QQ and play or don’t

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You are absolutely wrong. Most of the complaints come from those wanting the game to be easier and more accessible, many of the pitfalls that led to the downfall of the MMORPG genre.


I know right it’s awesome. I love how i can just go to my own world and mine harvest (I hate logging) then go craft some shit and sell it on a trade post of my choosing. Reminds me a bit of EvE online but simpler.

Then when I really wanna do some progressing I go to a random direction where I see a quest is and kill stuff and skin it along the way and once I’m on location I might see a random player that is flagged I bring up my trusty musket and get that burning headshot on him he panics and I get to run him down or he comes angry at me and murders me.

and then it’s the PvP that I have yet to experience fully since my server is only medium pop and was released later than the other servers.

All in all I really enjoy this game

but yet here you are playing.