The number 1 biggest problem with NW from a PVE / roleplaying perspective

This might be an unpopular opinion because 99% of the current NW players are PVPers who make up about 5% of the original launch time PVE “playerbase”.

NW combat in PVE is boring. It lacks identity and is missing that role based fantasy feel due to 3 skills per weapon and combining two completely unrelated weapons.

That might work in PVP, but in PVE it gets super repetitive and feels like it lacks depth.
I think they need to let players use 6 skills per weapon for two weapons when not flagged for pvp.

Combat is the backbone of an MMO, and nobody will keep grinding the same content if combat is boring and this is the truth with NW that most keep denying by saying combat is amazing when it is not. Maybe from a PVP perspective it is amazing, but absolutely feels incomplete PVE moment to moment experience wise.

I really hope the 2023 leak is real when it comes to this very much needed change and looking forward to something like the UI below!



most of the people playing are pve. there aren’t that many pvp’ers left. they’re just verbal on the forums.


You do realise most servers have 2-3 companies max that are pvpers, which at MAX is 300 players, and server populations are 1200-1500 on the high end servers.

That means 900-1200 players are PVErs.

The combat is the best combat I have played in a mmo. I have played all the big mmos and some smaller indi ones. The combat is simple. Easy to learn, hard to master. When you master it, the game becomes really fun. I even enjoy the combat in pve. it doesn’t bother me that its 6 abilities between 2 wepaons, that’s what its appealing about it. I don’t have a 1kj2b13nkj12b312jk3 buttons on my screen to press. Perhaps pve combat is too easy and boring for some because the majority of players use hatchet as far as I’m aware, hatchet is BIS for pve for content and you literally just left click to victory, so I get that can be boring. It would mainly come down to the boss mechanics. Most of New worlds dungeons aren’t really that mechanic heavy, and the couple that are, once you figure it out, its very simple to complete. If you don’t enjoy the combat, then that’s just you. I don’t really enjoy ESO combat, there are loads that do. nothing wrong with that.

Its hilarious to think that the majority of players at launch were pvers… LOL. This game was advertised as a PVP game, every clip or you tube highlight I saw of New world leading up to the games release was PVP focused. I remember watching streams from alpha and beta of and it was just pvp. It literally was a hard core loot pvp game 1 year before launch, and they decided that wasn’t going to work reworked that system and started adding pve elements into the game. Like i’m sorry but all the people who think this game is a pve focused game couldn’t be more wrong. The game is literally BUILT around PVP. Factions, Owning territories. Who owns the territory makes money and back at launch set the tax rates, (all at MAX, pissing everyone off) and can control buffs put up in towns, allowing you to craft t5 materials and 595-600 gear score etc. PVPers for good or worse control everything in the game besides invasions really. PVPers can kill a server over night, by all band wagoning to another one if they choose. No pver has any motivation to really transfer another server besides to be with a friend or to be on the most populated server to try to find groups, but Show me 1 time PVERS killed a server in the span of a few days, just 1, its all i ask I can name you 3 times my server died because everyone left for pvp reason, that’s not including everyone else experience, in other regions. IF we go back to launch, this game had 0 story, legit everyone had 0 clue what the story was, no one knew who Isabella was, they story was literally awful and still is imo. The game had 2 PVE dungeons for level 60 players, and back then you had to get 200 stone cutting, and grind for hours, literally hours to get the materials to make 2 keys a week for a specific dungeon. The pve content at release was literally a joke. PVP was the highlight of this game. With out PVP, this game never would of gotten past Christmas. The mutation patch killed the game, More players quit after that patch than any other update. Every month player numbers continued to drop despite how much pve and QOL content was being added into the game. Before Brimstone announcement, the game was hovering 8-10k players peak. Players obviously came back to check out Brimstone, the game had improved a lot, and Brimstone was a decent update, bringing in some lots of new stuff. How ever even if you look at player numbers, People started to leave again Before RTA and fresh Start HIT. When those 2 Hit, player numbers spiked over 100k for a couple weeks, then player numbers started to drop, then in December when the new dev video hit and the road map announced, with 0 pvp content on it and updates about pvp, the game really started to lose players. Sure its Christmas time, the holidays! Another Dupe, and multiple exploits plaguing PVP also contributed. This all happened last year, and new world almost didn’t recover. PVP has been in a terrible stat for too long and player numbers show. The vast majority of the players have been both hardcore only pvpers, and pvpers that do pve content, The minority of players are people who exclusively pvers. The majority of pvpers have quit because the game simply hasn’t been that fun for most players, the meta is awful and people don’t enjoy it, so they quit. Also with all the exploits etc in pvp going on, doesn’t help one bit. The biggest problem with pve, is how limited the content is. 25 runs on your only pve content just kills it for most players. A group group can get through the runs in a handful of hours. Imo there is also too many gear sets to farm out for dungeons. 4 sets of ward for each build you want to play. If it was 1 type of ward total, it wouldn’t be so bad.

AGS has been focusing on PVE content, because the game has barely any, it still doesn’t, its also the best way to draw in new players. That doesn’t mean this game is a pve focused game. take away OPR and Wars, and this game will die over night. 0 reason to play this game anymore. so many other MMOS have much better PVE content.


Master what? In PVE there is no mastery of combat at its current form. In PVP, yes I agree, easy to learn hard to master, and is indeed super fun in PvP since no two fights are the same. It is MADE for PVP as the game was made for PvP and was mistakenly hyped and considered as PvX during launch.

ONLY after AGS realized this THEN they changed it into a PvX mmo based on feedback but forgot to make combat changes aside from the Rune ability which was requested by guess who? MYSELF.

I was quite literally THE ONLY one who would write positive feedback while at the same time constructively pointing out where the game was lacking which was considered as overhyping the game and resulted in my ban from virtually every platform at the time.

I kept saying let’s forgive AGS for their rookie mistakes since the devs they hired were specifically hired to create a completely different genre, a survival PvP game which was changed last minute after seeing the game was not fun for anyone during internal pre alpha testing. I kept repeating how mmorpg’s like this one which was not meant to be one, at its 1.0 release should be given a chance to grow with time, which it has been successfully doing, considering the gem of a foundation it is sitting on.

If memory serves Guild Wars 2 change the weapon skills and how they work automatically depending if you are on land or underwater.

I think New World don’t need more skills (at least not right now), instead AGS should consider a revision of combat and try on Test Servers separate mechanics on skills depending if you are in PvP mode or not.

Everyone likes to do (or resist) big numbers on mobs, but nobody wants to be the punching bag on the receiving end when those numbers come out, as it showns on multiple videos about weapon performance.

edit/ I realized I replied to you instead of a normal post, paid no mind because it wasn’t my intention

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When fighting mobs, we need to feel a complete role fantasy that includes a complete and cohesive kit. The weapon needs to let you perform the MOST basic functions below at ALL times;

  1. Singe target DPS abiliy
  2. AOE damage ability
  3. Single target DOT
  4. AOE damage DOT
  5. Tactical DPS ability (conditional or combo based such as #3 in the image below)
  6. Defensive/CC/Utility ability

The above is THE ABSOLUTE minimum in PVE for you to feel like you’re filling an established fantasy based role that gives you the tools to perform against PVE mobs/bosses in all the BASIC situations so that things don’t feel super repetitive and combat lacking depth which is the case currently.

I have mentioned this a few times already. The content designers in new world need to grow as designers. There are a few things i have suggested but the most impactful at this point is defensive and utility based phasing on encounters and dungeons.

Example, having to “block” various boss attacks or get 1 shotted. If you block you take little to no damage.

Example of utility is something like "take this portal phase and do xyz (like collect such and such power-ups to dps).

Everything in new world when it comes to pvp is about combat. There is very little in dungeon design that is like starstone with azoth staff being used, lasers, and so on.

An example of ways to make ss fun would be to have the beams have on/off cycles where instead of always killing they provide a massive speed buff and if you run at the right time you can zip through at rocket speeds.

As a designer i believe speed is one of the top concepts that translate across all games as “fun”.

New mutations could be created that can do things like this, namely, make you go faster, or feel stronger, and so on. Ags is lightly touching on these concepts in some places, but there is so much room to improve based on these above principles. The two alone can transform pve in new world in a massive way probably unchecked by any other change there after.


you could also do something like instead of the barrel phase in dynasty, you have to get on the boat and throw them off at the pirates to defeat them all.

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On the topic of speed, yes it does feel like fun if there is an ultimate end-game challenge and equivalent decent rewards. If you do a case study on BDO, you will notice the combat is great, but there is no reason to play the game for PVErs since there is no endgame. Once that changes, or another game comes out with the things I’ve been wishing NW could have, then I will stop caring about NW altogether as it won’t matter then. I highly doubt any new game coming out next will meet anyone’s expectations though.

This is the most senseless comment you guys have been spamming for an entire year.
Yea pvp’ers are leaving, everybody is leaving xD

Devil May Cry is a completely different game with a completely different combat system. You are trying to be a troll throwing some random game name which most MMO players have never tried?

NW currently already allows 6 abilities per character, I am saying let’s have them all be from one weapon at a time so we can finally have one cohesive and complete PVE combat kit focused on a clear and well known fantasy based role.

Devil May Cry combat is all about button press combos.

I consider new world PvE shallow, but not completely devoid of depth.
I don’t think the number or skills should be increased nor do I think every weapon should be able to: single target, AoE, debuffs, DoT.
I think weapons should be highly specialized while only having 3 skills.

I honestly believe what’s missing is metrics/leaderboards so people can “dive into” the little depth new world has.
When the average player understands what’s weakened, fortify, cleave vs single target, grouping, Cc, what works on grit and so on, then I would consider increasing the depth.

As is, I think just having metrics at the end of expeditions+ leaderboards is enough to make people seek more effective passives/combinations.

What I do agree with, is increasing the viability of all weaponsin pve. Either by adding useful abilities ( AoE weaken, AoE fortify, grouping, stuns) to less used weapons, Or by making them Excel dps wise in specific situations.


Well, even GW2 has more active Skills then New World. And GW2 is way older then this Game. I think they hired some old 2000ish MMO Designer because he had an Name and overlook what he created

Mutated expeditions are a very decent, rewarding and challenging end game content, yet couldn’t manage to bring PVE players to NW exactly because of the combat moment to moment gameloop being extremely and overly simplistic.

It feels like playing with two half weapons. Zero coherence between the two weapons. Each weapon feels like missing half of its complete kit.

This shows NW developers and designers are out of touch with the mmo community and what they have grown to like and form an attachment to.

Either that or they haven’t gotten around to overhauling combat yet after pivoting away from the original survival PvP sanbox game.

Zero role play possibility either since the identity is completely missing from the role of each weapon since it lacks the depth needed for it to feel complete.

I will say this again: no amount of raids will bring players to NW as long as combat stays the way it is today. Not even the worlds most innovative groundbreaking most amazing raids ever known in history.

The proof is that I, like most players, haven’t even bothered doing the Ennead expedition yet.

@Lane @Dave_NW @NW_Berserker_Mike @NW_Mugsy

Plenty of PVE perspectives already, thanks. Start dropping PVP content or I’ll never be back.

Why not organize your own PvP content? The game was made for that!

Your tone of threatening to leave is not going to make AGS do anything more than they have already: small scale pvp 3v3 arena mode, 20v20 OPR and 50v50 wars and soon they will be bringing open world PvP back.

50v50 will most likely be turned into a battleground once they have fully overhauled the territory control system.

Personally, I think more modes will not work. 90% of WoW’s PvP modes are deserted with queues taking hours even with the cross server battle groups system.

Age has absolutely nothing…not a thing…to do with the number of available skills you can put on a hotbar and use.

This is Asheron’s Call. It launched 23 years ago in 1999:

This is Everquest. It launched 23 years ago in 1999

DAoC soon followed them with similar numbers of skills. SWG and WoW, same thing when they came along.

The reduced number of available skills is an action combat design decision…and has nothing at all to do with age.

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I had the PvP Section of Guild Wars 2 more in mind. there you can use 8 Skills in the PvP Arenas

edit: Oh, it is even 10 Skills you can use in GW2 for PvP. My bad

GW2 has one major show stopper big no-no issue besides tab targeting: auto combat for any spell you choose.

I also wouldn’t worry about throne and Liberty considering it will be both tab target and pay2win.


But NW’s problem is that it is still an mmog as opposed to an mmoRPg due to the issue described in the original post on this thread.

Absolutely no actual rpg fantasy based “Role Playing” is felt with the current PvP centric combat.

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