The numbers don't add up

Do you mean the table? I still do not get how they measure “In queue”. Assumptions do not help here.

I really hope they increase they size of the server 2000 people in 3 Faction on one Server ist really bad, wating time on mine is 8 k so there are proberly 10000 players that want to play on that server…

Its quite simple, the total number of people in queue = the queue total. Its quite easy to be on the home screen and see the queues for every single world? I don’t see how that is any assumption what so ever.

I bought this game to play with my group and on Day One, the queues are over a thousand players long. One server has a 17,000 player queue.

For most games, I’d chalk this up to launch day issues. However, this is Amazon, a company that owns enough server space to easily accommodate launch day numbers, then re-purpose servers if numbers die down. They also had an idea of how many people would be logging in on launch day, given number of copies sold.

Those of us with jobs don’t have time to waste sitting around for an hour plus, waiting to get into a game. Would anyone play a shooter where matchmaking took over an hour? Of course not and an MMO isn’t any different.


Browse all the way to the bottom to see the total.

I tried to tell them to ignore the graphs and scroll down but apparently thats making assumptions lmao

Aussie Aussie aussie

They will either add more Australian servers or increase limit cap depending of what’s doable.

But I think they will wait in order to increase the limit cap because we don’t want all newbies on the same zone aka +2000 person in the same zone.

The worst part, AUS servers started late at 9:00 PM, then just got stuck in queus for almost 3 hours now. :frowning_face:

Yep every Aussie server has 2k in queue. I gave up and will try tomorrow :frowning:

Wise decision.

Yes, it is.
Do they count players that started a queue? Does this system simply count players over capacity? Can players be counted more than once?

Assumptions do not solve OPs question.

It looks like queue information are not entirely true from our experience. But maybe I’m wrong.

Regardless of the exact numbers, or the reliability of that website, one thing is certain, Amazon needs to add a dramatic amount of server capacity in order for this game to be even remotely playable in the Asia-Pacific region.

There isn’t a single server there that isn’t completely full. No matter how you look at it, this game is literally unplayable for tens of thousands of players. There is no other server they can join—there are only queues; endless queues.

Are you online in-game right now?
If yes, obviously you can see there’s a “Player in Queue” when you try to log in to a server.
That is where they got their data.
If you’re not online & did not see the in-game server queues yet, understandable why you have no idea what’s happening right now.

It’s accurate, it the same queue numbers in-game
Here my current queue, see Utopia server in the background, it’s the 25K queues players

They just added 4 more servers:

All servers are up now & yet total players in the queue increases to 550K.
It looks like Players buying the game & joining in is faster than Amazon can put up a server.

Alas, many people will join a full server to play with their mates and why not…but when the servers are oversubscribed unless there is a significant change, it’ll never improve.

Adding new servers cant fix this issue of queuing, it’ll only address people coming on board now looking for a new server… not for established groups trying to play together.

Character transfers are going to be the thing that ‘might’ address this.

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