The obsession with Mounts

Edit: Obsession was a bad word to choose. I don’t want to imply any hostility, just spark a conversation about the topic and read different peoples opinions on it.

Can someone please help me understand why so many players here, on reddit and in global are so obsessed with the implementation of mounts in New World?

Most areas really don’t need mounts and are obviously designed to be traversed by foot. There are also many things to gather on the way that the constant saddling and unsaddling would get annoying quickly.

But the main reason I don’t understand why people want them so bad is their implementation in most MMOs. If you take ESO or WoW for example: They are just speedbuffs with a skin attached to them. Do we need those extra steps and can’t just get an “Azoth Artifact of Swift Travel”? I personally wouldn’t like to see New Corsica polluted with 50 bears, bores, deer and other creature all clipping into each other and completely blocking the storage and Trading Post.

But maybe that’s just me. If you are one of those hundreds of people who comment “Add Mounts” under every New World discussion or just a mount enthusiast in general, please tell me your point of view! :slight_smile:


There isn’t even enough open world gameplay after you hit 60 to warrant a mount. If you’re running around open world after MSQ and after 60 it’s usually for gathering, world tours or heading somewhere to farm. From fast travel points I don’t think that there’s anywhere you cannot reach within 1-2 minutes. This game needs so much more work done to it before they add in something as unnecessary as mounts.


i think this is for colletion :slight_smile:


If they add Flying Mounts, that would be so amazing, a whole new way to experience the world of Aeternum!

I used to think the game would have been good with mounts and it would have been with the OG running sim. The way the game is now, mounts make no sense because anywhere you wanna go costs little to no azoth and a less than 5 min run.


because other mmo’s have mounts, so to not get into fomo players want mounts - simple

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Grew up with WoW, If it wasn’t for all the collecting/completionism style content they added later on, I would’ve probably quit way sooner.

There is only so much you can do the new expac dungeon/raid until you BIS and there is nothing left to do pve content wise.

So I basically was hunting achievements, pets, mounts, toys, transmogs about 95% of my playtime in WoW.

For me it’s not about going faster around the map, because we have wayshrines,
but collecting aspect is for me a piece of content I enjoy.
And NW has none of that atm, soon transmog though.


Because walking is soooooo slow, we don’t need them but because they won’t add more TPs and faster run speeds we do need them.

1-2 minutes from each TP is such a farce, look at Reekwater not easy to get around, Brimstone trying to get your glyphs, 5-10 minute walks around the zone.

The world is huge and only going to get bigger, it’s a natural progression.

I understand this reasoning. Collecting stuff is a nice way to keep the interest in something alive. But I think mounts just wouldn’t fit this game. Everything is way smaller, especially the settlements. Some of the mounts in WoW are bigger then some questhubs in NW. It would just add visual clutter and ruin cities.

But I’m 100% with you when talking about achievements, pets, transmog and toys.

Exactly my thoughts, i think its terrible idea. Snd i don’t understand this fanboism towards it. Makes me sick.


A lot of these issues you mentioned have been solved by the community a year+ ago.

Not being able to mount inside POI and automatic de-mount.
Not being able to mount while PVP flagged etc

It could easily fit into the game.

We even have rare animals with their own map marker, easy mount farm content.

Let’s hope they will do that.
Tbh: If someone REALLY wants to sit on a horse out in the wild, who am I to deny that. But I just keep thinking of completely blocked POIs and that would negatively impact my experience.


We will see what happens, just make sure to play the PTR and get your opinion out.

Good day,

not in favor of mounts, not opposed either as long as they definitely stay out of POI’s

I’d much prefer faster road travel (significantly higher than now) and potions or some method to not be attacked by much lower level mobs.



Before Mounts we likely will get couple more zones so expect 1/2 year from now.
and i hope they change this engine in this time because now u can’t run straight without glitching

I don’t care about mounts either. I would hope they could be done somewhat tastefully and not make them too huge or overly fantastical, but it will probably be the eventual outcome. I like the somewhat low fantasy vibe of new world and hope it doesn’t turn into something indistinguishable from other games of the genre.


because this is a damn mmo and every mmo has mounts since 30 years sounds a reasonable explanation?

I think for when you are pushing influence in a territory this would be a fantastic idea. It would be really cool if they implemented an incredibly basic combat system with mounts as well (like being able to shoot a bow or musket while mounted or giving melee weapons an ability that was basically like charge and they could attack nearby enemies)

Not really, since “but they did it too” isn’t an explaination.
Also it’s flawed, because there are MMOs that don’t have mounts. Like Blade & Soul.

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I too dont think NW warrants a need for mounts. The scope of Aeternum isnt even that big, and the shrines are plenty close to most things.

I’d agree on a potion of speed of some sort (that doesnt work in arena/opr btw) that would make the runs just a tad shorter, or even up the road speed haste bonus to something of 20% vs the current 10%

If they do implement them, i also agree that it should dismount you at POIs as well. tbh, i’m more looking forward to pets than i am mounts. Simply because i just dont think NW needs mounts.

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