The obsession with Mounts

If the do add them they would need to azoth travel more annoying again. Or remove a lot of the shrines.

Couldnt agree more with you!

No, one side wants them and the other doesn’t really care. The side that doesn’t care if we get mounts, also realises that if the devs waste their time implementing something useless to the game, then it takes away time from them doing something positive for the game, like fixing bugs or adding content that everybody wants.

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If based on the season pass monetizing the game’s miserable gear management, mounts will be behind a paywall and cost of azoth for travel will rerturn to its original state.

There are lots of POIs which is just open field. What community suggests about that one?


Mounts are a dumb idea. Introduce faster running on roads, the one that got introduced a while back sucks. Or maybe be able to run faster with weapon put away in open world when pve flagged only

We want mounts for faster travel between fast travel points.
Its as simple as that if u do not want a mount dont use them, but we will.

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I don’t. I want a pack mule type mount.

Devs said the mounts will be more than just travel and cosmetics.

I’m hoping for development progression and a new character page.

We already know it is more than just cosmetic and riding. But what.

It was introduced as a 10% buff. Then before BSS (summer medley I think), we got it buffed to 15%.

Sheathing for extra buff would be nice.

The mount system being introduced is more than vanity and speed. From leaks, its another horizontal progression system.

So you are a developer?

You make statements as if they are fact. You must be a developer then.

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Mounts. Something else for this team to mess up. Waste resources, create more bugs. Spawn your mount and everything you have on the TP deletes itself. I can see it now. Now instead of meaningful balance changes and fixing all the things that have been broken for a year they can work on fixing the things they will break from implementing mounts. Huzzah! But now we can get lack of things to do point A to lack of things to do point B faster!

It’s as if you chose to ignore everything else before mounts to create a scenario to fit your campaign.

The other part is you present your points as facts. Nope

My favorite fix is putting grit where it belongs. This request has been needed since alpha 3.

And mounts are going to be more than just speed and vanity. So it is a positive for the community and character progression.

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And you chose to roll over the statement of the amount of bugs created by anything they do. Mounts will just be another bug creator. Mounts are going to allow everyone to zoom through all this new content faster resulting in the inevitable “nothing to do” all over again. What they should do is remove the road speed buff and half the shrines. Hah.

ye and remove the Map.

Gotta work with ur Mind :slight_smile:

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Old school EQ right there haha.

14 yo bug

If you compare WoW’s list of bugs and exploits to NW, WoW’s is an almanac compared to NW short story.

Sorry, bugs are a thing. No matter what, you are pointing at something that is “life” of a game. If you like it or not.

If you want perfection, play solitaire irl

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You’re first problem is that you are looking at this the complete wrong way, and not stepping back to understand what a MMORPG is.

It’s a world… where you (the player) participate in adventures, socialize, explore… with dirrection (themepark) or without (sandbox). This is just puting it as simple as possible!

If you look for a PURELY functional game, MMORPGs are the WRONG GENRE for you!

They are the exact opposite of pure functionality… everything is complex and convoluted ON PURPOSE. So bringing simple functional questions like… “Why Do you need mounts, the world is not big enough?” it just a question that you would only ask because u failed to comprehend what a MMORPG is.

Now lets get back to mounts (and if you want you can add pets in there)… this is an exploration game in a social enviorment …
COMAPANIONs of any kind are welcomed, its ONE OF THE CORE ELEMENTS of the MMORPG genre… be it player characters or NPCs (mounts, pets, story NPC). Not only they are welcomed by the players… but they are FUNDAMENTAL TO MMORPGs. An MMORPG without a decent MSQ will fail.

So BACK TO THE POINT, having companions in this world means PSYHOLOGICALLY a lot to most MMORPG gamers. One such companion is the MOUNT.

NOW Lets talk about the functional Part of the game, because ur wrong in this aspect too.

There are 2 most common complains about New World from the people that dont recommend it:

  1. Character creation and character agency sucks… (characters are the most important aspect to MMORPGs, since it will impact everything else).

People that play 12 hours a day, might not mind spending a large potion of their SESION running from one place to another… but people with jobs, want to log in… meet up with their friends, and play the game… if they are forced to spend A CONSIDERABLE amount of that time, every single day running from point A to point B, they will just quit.

Keep in mind over 90% of the leveling experience is spend running… around, you dont have shrines explored and you have to manually explore, which is fine for the first few hours… because the world is beautiful… BUT being FORCED to do it, ruins that experience.

Mounts are effectively speed buffs, GIVING the ILLUSION of speed, giving you the ilusions that you are not just running around like a monkey from point a to point b.

BUT they can be much MORE, look at Gw2 , they have abilities and bring EXTRA functionality, basically INFLUENCING every aspect of the game.

NW Devs they PROMISED a COMPLEX MOUNT system, so we should expect them to FOLLOW in the FOOTSTEPS of Gw2 and provide somehting MORE then just a speed buff.

So i hope it gave you a bit more clarity, whenever you have a PROBLEM with MMORPGs, think about it “What do the casuals want?” because its their game… I have a problem with people wanting to remove all mechanics from combat… but the truth is… most of these people are casuals that do not want to improve… so the combat needs to be dumbed down to the level where everyone can accept it → I HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT. SAME can be APPLIED to every single problem in the game!