The only armor worth crafting is Voidbent

Congrats on making thousands of armor models for your game only to make a single armor type both have all the stats and perks you want while also being the only logical armor to make because trying to make anything else in the brutal rng system is just an extreme waste of materials trying to get even a decent combo of attributes/perks.

Everyone will be wearing voidbent soon.

Just voidbent armor as far as the eye can see. No variety. Just voidbent. Yay.

Please make it so that there is a reason to actually attempt crafting anything other than voidbent without wasting millions of gold on terrible attribute/perk rng combos.

This would also cut down on the orichalcum bots and the stupid amount of competition/griefing going on with orichalcum veins.

You made those veins worth everything because nothing but voidbent armor is worth crafting.

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Its not the BiS for anything, it is just generally ok as a mix-match item for both PVE and PVP.

because it is incredibly stupid and a gigantic waste of materials/ gold to attempt to craft anything else. voidbent is guaranteed stats/perks. nothing else is. enjoy that RNG as you waste tens of thousands in gold trying to make one DECENT piece.

i suppose people could get a drop thats better LOL hahahahahahahahhahahahah

Thats the reason to play :roll_eyes:

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