The ONLY change we've been asking for months in this perk has been completely ignored

The only thing that needed to be balanced in the “refreshing ward” perk for it to be awesome, was it work while blocking a hit and what did you guys do?


thank you AGS, thank you.

I think that would make it too strong for SNS. You’d basically be double dipping CDR with that passive on the shield tree.

In fact, you would be bringing cadence to tank gameplay, benefiting the class’s main mechanic of blocking attacks.

Really the refreshing ward perk would have an incredible synergy with the shield passive that reduces 1% of the CD when blocking an attack, but since the block in the NW is easy to be broken by heavy weapons, you would be able to take advantage of this combination for a short time , before your shield drops. In fact, this would be an even stronger buff to the PVE tank.

Also, as is the tank side of the sword that would normally use this combo, what skills would he use most often? Only self-defense skills such as defiant stance and shield rush, that is, there would be no op.

We all knew that refreshing ward never worked on blocked attacks, easy to test.

If it would work, indeed tanks would have get a bit of a buff in PVE but for PVP it would not change much.

And in PVE most tanks need to actually hit to keep aggro so you really dont benefit that much as you may think at first.

Obviously we knew that refreshing ward didn’t work on bloked attacks, that’s why we asked for it here on the forum.

Yes, we have to hit to keep the agro, but we would have a greater cadence of defensive skills and even control, which helps especially when doing speed run and so on. So yes, the change would be huge.

In fact, keeping agro in this game is extremely easy, the main thing would be the higher frequency of defensive buffs and CC.

It procs on being hit 4 times instead of 5 now. I think it’s already fine as is, to be honest. In situations like war, you get hit 5 times very quickly, especially in this AOE heal environment.

I agree with you, this reduction from 5 to 4 is great (I already use these perks in wars playing tank). However, if we analyze it, who has the best conditions to use this perk is the tank, whose main class mechanic is blocking. That’s why I strongly defend the idea of ​​the perk activating when blocking, as it would improve its efficiency without being OP for other “classes” such as bruisers.