The only way to fix this game is

to reduce the aimbotting population. Bow and musket is rampant with this…AGS you are gonna lose the player base.

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Yes aimbot exists, but I doubt every person you think are aimbotting are

Now it feels like they are because both weapons hit extremely hard (insane when ME full stacks) and with the recent trend of ton of Dex you probs are getting hit by at least 2 which is why you die.

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Not everyone does. You can tell when you have played long enough what normal human reflexes are. I’ve played high level FPS for many years. You get to know it when you see it. The odd person here and there will be godly. I get that. Some people are outliers. However, in this game outliers are everywhere. Why? Aimbotting is unchecked and rampant.

The combination of easy access to cheats, lack of in-game admins and anti-cheat software for cheats, and high incentive to cheat, combine for the perfect storm of cheating. The websites selling this stuff is not only supported by a few cheaters. There is more then you think.

I love the game - but it is being destroyed by aimbotters. No balance weapon changes in game will correct the imbalance that comes from cheats.

Oh ya know I know what you mean, you can feel which are aimbots, you feel the difference. So agreed

Now I can’t tell you if someone’s aimbotting cause I always have multiple projectiles flying at me at once

Lol, game needs a lot more than that.

Game needs a complete engine overhaul. It needs taken off Lumberyard, and moved to something else.

Everything else is just a band-aid to try to slow the bleeding. The game wont last.

Game was released 5 years to soon.

Bow doesn’t even need aimbot, the arrows follow you and auto home and curve and get you even if you are behind cover LOL

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