The Onslaught of Coin Sellers

AGS, the servers are plagued with coin sellers because you have made it that level 1 characters can chat in global again, with no restrictions at all. Every time I login, there are like 4 bots spamming the global chat. On weekends, you literally have to block these bots every 5 minutes as they pop up and it has become a part of the daily routine. Are you incapable of putting chat restrictions so that you can’t spam global chat until you are at a certain level threshold? @Luxendra

On top of this, I believe you have a limit to number of people you can block? People are supposed to live with the chat spamming bots now? I have played numerous MMOS and this problem has never been this bad and let to run riot by the admins of any of those games. Take action. You have a small faithful player base remaining. At least provide a basic playable environment to these players.

I don’t think the level restriction to chat is a fair approach. New players should feel welcomed when joining a server and have the possibilty to use global chat to learn more about the state of the server early on as well as the community that resides there.
Another issue would be players that create new characters to test servers in advance before transfering their main character. Expecting those players to level up before they can engage with the community of a specific server is tiresome and unnecessary. I personally created a level 1 character on 20 servers before deciding where to use my transfer ticket, and it involved asking questions in global chat and talking with players.

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