The opr chests ruin the crafter

i see two bis armor get from opr chest today

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the chance is so high .amazon want every one get bis armor easily?

good to know i have 78 opr chests to open


As in power level or specs

Like is there a chance i could get a piece of gear i could use going forward from 503

Its about time, i have been playing this game since launch and crafting hasnt yielded a BiS item for me yet. I lost so much money, we needed more systems for this.

I still think they should make crafting easier though.


Doubtful, since judging by how long OPR queues are using the word “everyone” here is quite a stretch.

i opened about 10 and got absolute crap.

i doubt its going to be “easy” to get 10 slots worth of BiS legendaries.

its probably going to be about the same rate on time invested. except now its during the fun stuff you like to do.


I am with you on this, I am soooo over trying to craft gear for bis or having people price bis gear for 500k…hope that whole market crashes and burns. opr here i come…only downside is the gear is bop and not boe…would love to flood the market with opr gear and crash it


New BIS fire staff here +58 attributes


Crafting was dead yesterday, this patch is just another nail in a closed coffin.

thats a laz mutation staff LOL

dont you see + 29 int / +29 foc ? lmao what is this

Edit : Guy who ahd it just tested and its not visual bug

i see that, they said they were going to fix it…guess they went all out

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BiS Fire staff with Ancient Bane KEKW

the healer and fire staves had mixed perks/stats…instead of fixing it they just added both to each, gg amazon

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Yup just seen other Fire/ life staff with same +58 attributes, looks like everyone playing Fire mage on wars tonight

594 legendary. that staff has issues

Seriously? It’s extra focus, ON A FIRE STAFF. It helps zero.

imho its about the same as having a full focus void gauntlet for a life staff combo.

BUT there could be something to be said about having the firestaff zoop over no zoop on a VG.

FS/VG builds which are already super strong