The outdated epic weapon quests now give gypsum orbs per completed quest, will I get mine if already completed?

I’ve completed every epic weapon quest, if I did them after this update, I would be getting easily over 50 gypsum orbs. Will the players who completed the quests prior to the update be getting their gypsum orbs?

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No. You got a weapon?

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AGS should retroactively provide the orbs for every player who completed the legendary weapon quests, prior to the upcoming patch. This is the right thing to do. @Aenwyn

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Are they removing the weapons?

At this time there are no plans to retroactively provide the rewards for this quest, similar to any other quests that were adjusted with the Main Story Quest changes at the Brimstone Sands release.


Are we talking about quests in Shattered mountain, giving the 580 weapons?

Great, so I have like 12 weapons collecting dust because they’re 580 gear score and took forever to obtain.

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Well maybe I am confused on it then.

As expectable by now.

I wish this was informed prior to changes. As a completionist myself I completed all the quests while leveling my weapons. Why should me and many other legacy players (the ones who stayed after the hype passed) get punished by poor implementation? I mean its great they did change it and Im happy for those who will benefit from it. But at the same time, over and over again it seems the game takes a step in a direction to not respect the time spent from the most loyal players.

What I mean is, when these changes are done, why not make it so those who already gave hours prior to change some recognition? A tittle a decoration, anything at all!

F*ck. I did them also the last few weeks, just that they are away, and now that… :frowning:

I’m confused how these fairly difficult quests in general awarded 580 gear but were never updated to 590 so we could continue to use them in current content progression. I have a whole shed of these hard earned weapons and now they’re just relics to never ever be used besides potentially as transmogs… c’mon AGS you can do better.

Most of these weapons had really poor perk combinations anyway. Even if they were buffed to 590 and given legendary versions, they would all need to be reworked to make them worth using instead of some of the newer named items.

The real reward I got from doing these quests was removing the quest markers from my map. I just wish there was a way to remove the markers from the repeatable quests and the new faction initiation missions.

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