The perfect middle ground for PvP

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I like this. I also like the idea of new armor on the faction vendor. Could even be 600 but not upgradeable until they have 600 expertise. At least they can play the content and be viable and others would still have a gear advantage that they worked for.

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This is completely unnecessary. Remove sub 600 from the game completely. No one likes the expertise system. It’s time it is removed or they can just keep it and lose their jobs when the server shuts down.

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As long as lower levels (arenas) can have their own player-level brackets instead of being dropped in under-perked and potentially under-trained and this is for 60s then I think it makes a lot of sense.

Personally, I think we should let all levels play against each other in arena instead of separating them in brackets.

Upon zoning in, all lower levels are set to level 60 with everyone’s gear set to ilvl 625. The rest is left up to the player (perks, gems, attributes, weapon spec).

It’s not a ranked arena anyway. Same with OPR.
A skilled player can still beat an unskilled but BiS geared player without full attributes, best gear…etc.

At the end of the match, the lower level players are set back to their original level and given experience appropriate to their actual level.

Interesting idea Lazaruss, I will forward this post up to the Dev team so they can check it out. How do other players feel about this, would love to get even more replies. Take care!

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Thanks very much @Zelme !

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