The problem with balancing

All MMOs have the same problem when it comes to weapon/skill balancing. It Becomes this unending struggle with some group of players not satisfied because they feel like their weapon is underpowered or someone else’s weapon is overpowered.

When players give feedback specifically on weapons it comes from the perspective of the player and not the game as a whole. Therefore we don’t know the inner motives or skill of that player. So, it should be recognized that this type of feedback is purely subjective and should be referenced along with objective data.

We aren’t sure if devs are tracking weapon data I imagine you guys are, but would it be at all possible if you guys can share that on the dev updates or forums. One of the biggest arguments by players is whose weapon is overpowered accompanied with this ridiculous subjective argument with no winner and possible bad feedback for the devs.

If there is not metric then I highly suggest making one to avoid bad feedback. In particular what i mean is follow the kill ratio between weapons. For example the kill ratio between greataxe and greataxe should of course 50:50 due to the fact that it is an obvious equal match up. Therefore if all weapons are to be equal match ups then they too need to be 50:50 as well or close to it. For example a match up between great axe and bow should be 50:50 unless it is intended for the bow to be a weakness to great axe. However if the bow is 80 against all other weapons then adjustments is warranted and no one could argue the decision. I’ve seen this done in For Honor and it works near perfectly and produces some of the best balancing I have seen in any game.

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