The Problems with Dex Weapons

I’ve seen multiple discord messages, including my own guild’s, saying that the only people being brought into war is GA/WH, IG/FS, and Healers. There is maybe 1 or 2 Muskets brought for attacking siege weapons.

Now this is not only a problem with Spear/Rapier/Bow/Musket. Hatchet and SS are falling out of favor as well. This isn’t only a problem with the Meta specs being overpower and isn’t even going to be solved when they are nerfed. The problem is that Dex weapons are just bad and the Dex passives don’t help the matter.

The Passive Problem

Dex offers great passives until it’s last. A single 100% crit every 10 seconds, but it isn’t 100% crit. Spear users get up to 50% crit in a lot of situations, even 65% in some. So every 10 seconds you get a single ability with 50% more crit.

Spear has the best crit passives. But Rapier is most often playing around Riposte-Dodge-Backstab. Bow gets 10% Crit but has headshots. Musket’s damage is super reliant on headshots.

300 Dex passive needs to be changed to something useful. Especially useful in group content.

GRIT on next ability after dodge.
CDR on Crit
Fortify on Dodge
Armor Pen for 2 seconds after Dodge.

Any of those would be infinitely more useful.

The Weapon Problem

The problem with all Dex weapons, no AoE and not enough single target to make up for the lack.

War is simply area denial and area damage. Spear has sweep. Rapier has nothing really. Bow has Rain of Arrows/Poison Shot/Pen Shot. And Musket has Stick Bomb.

Spear/Bow/Musket AoE is like a third of the size of the Meta AoE and half the damage. Outside of Sweep, they all also lack CC. How are these weapons to be seen as useful when there are others that do more single target damage, more AoE damage to a larger area, and have AoE CC. And simply, they cannot, and honestly should not.

So what role should they have?

Single Target Damage and Assassination. It is the only role they can do without a massive rework to their kit, and homogenizing their abilities.

So specific changes:

Coup de Grace or Keen Vault should have a 30% healing done reduction.

The hit boxes and aim assist for all spear abilities needs to be better. Coup de Grace is useless right now because it misses half the time, and perforate/vault misses a lot because your character locks on to the position of the target at time of attack rather than where you are actually aiming.

Perforate and Light/Heavy attacks need to be quicker.

3 seconds of cast speed slow after riposte stun
Mana drain on Flurry.

Light attack needs some forward movement.


Poison Cloud reduces healing received.

Fix the hitbox issues, especially headshots.

Should be the highest single target damage from body shots.


Increase Damage on Consecutive Hits, stun on consecutive headshots (2sec cd). Consistently headshotting with the musket should be the highest single target damage weapon.

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