The "Problems" with New World

Honestly, most of the “problems” with the game are laughable. So far what i’ve seen…

“Ughh y azoth to fast travel?!?”
“crafting too hard, pve too hard, quitting”
“I hit level 60 first day, no content!”
“Quitting until I stopped getting zerged in world pvp”
“quitting until more solos flag so my team can kill them”
“Economy broekn, I don’t want to farm for gold”
“Why no LFG, thought this was ded WoW”

Do people just need something to complain about? Do you not get enough attention at home?

Most of the suggestions would either completely kill the game or are simply asking for a game they don’t have to play.


Typical gaming forums. The silent majority (happier people) are in-game and not here.


let’s be fair.

The state of the game right now is just a fundament. There are so many features missing or not implemented yet.

So there is a lot to complain about.

I don’t know if you and I are playing different games :smiley: but tbh PvP in this state or endgame content is kinda poor right now. City Wars is a huge lag, Outpostrush is disabled again. Items to craft legendary items are missing or cannot be dropped by mops.
And the player base have all the rights to complain about it :slight_smile:

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Very true, haven’t been on forums for weeks. Came on today just to encounter a bunch of kids complaining lol

Some concerns are legitimate without doubt. Bugs are a real concern. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the topics I listed and others along those lines.

It’s funny how I’ve been playing since launch but someone that hit 60 right away says there’s no content nothing to do yet I haven’t had a single minute of down time…

So you felt left out and decided to be the most obnoxious one yet? Safe man, safe

They removed some of the later content, 65 corruption portals no longer drop major caches lol, outpost rush was a nice change of pace from hitting nodes.

Shattered Mountain Elites drop loot you can salvage for 3g, lot of work requiring a large group of people to get mostly junk.

well maybe you have a different mindset of what you want to do with Level 60. For sure there is a lot to do, like level up a job to 200 or even all the jobs.
Or Elite Farming for GS grind to 600.
And tbh PVE is really linear, mobs are copy-paste, abilities are copy-paste. Okay, they add PVE content the last year, but it’s not like I would say, hey I am having a lot of fun doing 24/7 PvE grind because it’s not that exciting.
But not everybody fits this kindda grind. They want PVP or something different. And that is what they are complaining about.

Hmm, idk i’m always flagged and find most enjoyment world pvping. The PvE is still fun, every new zone has new types of mobs with new mechanics. I’m loving the gathering / crafting grind and making gold.

Most enjoyment comes from doing things with my company and friends.

What other game is fulfilling all these needs you have? Sounds like it doesn’t exist.

Let them complain and then leave. Those of us left who enjoy the game will enjoy it even more once the toxic karens are gone.

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NW Alpha…

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Damn, good thing I skipped the Alpha then. lol

Ironic that you say this because your idiotic post is clearly extreme hyperbole made just to get attention.

Or have already left, like the 400k people that did exactly that.

Game is amazing and atmospheric and fun.

Game has tons of bugs and some design flaws.

Both of these statements are true. This game has a lot of potential, but it is not for the mainstream.

Honestly, all the “problem with problem threads threads” are laughable.

“argg, sum1 complaining about da gaem!”
“omg, why duz no1 liek nw, its perfik”


Well there are alot of problems. Some of those problems normally wouldn’t have made it out of alpha. When new world made the shift from pure sandbox to hybrid sandbox/themepark they probably should have taken more time to iron all the wrinkles that causes out.

The concerns people have, however over dramatic, are valid for the most part.

Still the game has massive potential and I hope they can pull all of this together to make something great.

According to this forum 1 tree = 1 content.

There for, there is plenty of content.

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What game are you playing? Because it isn’t new world. There is literally not one aspect of this game other than the sound that functions properly.

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