The PTR is just leaderboards instead of combat changes? Omega lol

People don’t like being left in limbo. Most players would really like to know what to build or save up for by now in the game. Literally nobody wants to test leaderboards…


I have to agree here; this seems like a feature that should be tested in combination with other changes. Since they are mutually exclusive from each other. Having people test other combat items, would ideally test out the leaderboards and indicate bugs.

You read the roadmap.

You know there is no content coming for 6-8 months.

Ags has not even decided on combat changes because they just started brainstorming them a week ago.

The combat changes were a last minute “We better do something or it will look like we are not listening”

Pretty sure the only content the dev team makes now are those weird youtube videos.


What the heck is this PTR.

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They JUST realized PvP needs balance update, they are not prepared, it will be the last thing to test in PTR and it will go live without any changes.

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…the sky is falling!!!

aint no way im downloading 56gig to test 10 bullet points of changes lmao

They don’t even look at your feedback for those 10 bullet points anyway.

Just so im clear…are we saying its a bad thing that they listen to feedback!!!

They dont listen by choice. They had to listen this time. Every other thread for the past 4 months has been about combat changes.

It would make ags look bad if they just continued on their war path to destroy this games population.

And again AGS wont actually listen. Once we get the PTR notes most people will laugh and never log in again.

Population back down to 10k by end of Jan?

Unironically this. ^^^ LUL

A rehash of Leaderboards and some half baked fixes on the patch notes. 28 Days since the closure of the last PTR? NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL PRODUCTIVITY.

They have no F idea how to do the balance!
But they went into a dev video and drop the bomb…without having more info about it.

Yup. Facts.


I told you guys, AGS NW doesn’t have a big enough team… this just further proves it.

Here you go, so you can laugh a lil bit

PTR: January 19th, 2023 Patch Notes - Public Test Realm - New World Forums

The worst is how they did " Nerf " aka (Buff) the musket with the December patch…and since then…they know its soooo bad and they are doing jack S about it…

Yea I get that feeling to

You actually believe that?

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