The question is simple , is that a fun system?

1- is a player gonna have fun while reading that encumbered weight is full thing while character walk changes u can’t use spells etc. with epileptic seizure graphic change on character ?
2- is it fun to not being able to use 1 single bank system ? ask %100 of players i am sure %99 of them gonna say having different banks in each city is not fun at all
3- is it fun to teleport with azoth instead of simple source like gold or coin ?
4- is it fun to not having a minimap ?
5-is it fun to not being able to see minings on map but seeing other stuff harvest rare mine stones etc. ? why not only mines ?
6- is it fun to only earn coin from questing ? and pay tons of taxes repair etc. but not having enough gold income ?
7- is it fun to search expensive items on not used city ah’s bcuz game has faction system and every city has different ah and different banking i mean what were you thinking ? bank weight cap 1000 ? really ? :smiley: developers have u even tried to level up some skills or level up to 50-60 ? did u just think that on paper and made the game ?

i believe other players %99 of them actually … know what i am trying to say these unnecessary game systems are killing the joy of playing and eventually u are alt + f4 ing tiredly at the end of a few hours game tires you bcuz u have to go to other city to store items then ur store is full then go to other city to use ah but other city ah is expensive and not used then u come back use azoth to travel with full bag then u use the cheap city ah then 100 different ah item sell order is capped OMGGGGGGGGGG MAN THIS MAKES YOU CRAZY EVERYTHING HAS A FWKING LIMIT ! 100 OR 1000 OR SOMETHING İ CANT PLAY THIS GAME I WANNA PLAY IT I THINK IT IS GOOD GAME IT CAN BE A GOOD GAME… BUT brain team come on man !!! try to level to 60 and level up some trading skills u gonna know what i mean wish u would play your own game till end game before u release it… appearently u did not.

also i have to mention that due to high queues u opened so much servers they are all mid and ghost servers atm i think u should merge some servers immediately

  1. Get better bags.
  2. This is not the first time an MMO does this, learn to split up your storages to do specific things.
  3. Literally does not matter, Azoth is excrutiatingly easy to get.
  4. Actually, yes. It means you need to have a sense of direction.
  5. You can. You’re just not close enough.
  6. You get more coins from simply farming mobs.
  7. This is not the first time there isn’t centralized trading. Even WoW started with 3 different Auction Houses. Likewise bank storage does not cap out at 1000. Get more standing increase weight through that, buy houses and place chests. I have a current cap of 2650 and I have no idea how to fill that up with how organized my storage is in each town.

Unlike you I am 20 War Hammer, 20 Life Staff, 20 Sword and Board, 20 Great Axe and it is a tad tedious to do, but also very easy to do. I am also level 60 and I have 150+ in gathering skills (200 in skinning), 100+ in refining skills and 150+ in select crafting skills.

Can’t help that you don’t know how to play honestly.

my comment on the separte Trading posts is that they did a piss poor job of it, why have seperate ones if you can simply teleport to the cheapest item you need and hearth back, they need to either remove fast travel to make those TP’s useful or make it one Trading post and the tax you pay is just reliant on the town you buy from

alrite fanboy this game is just perfect and player number’s decrease shows that , remember what happens to an mmorpg when it does not listen it’s community u write like everything is perfect in this game as the way it is i know everything has a solution but the problem is the solutions are harder than a game should be and frustrating yes u can farm , yes monsters drop gold i know that but that is not the way to have fun in a game thats the point . real llife feels much easier than this mmorpg on some terms i feel like daily duties from work. my work is easier than some systems in game…

None of what you have listed here is the cause of the massive concurrent player drop off this game is seeing. Literally none of it.

The reason is that at level 30 the majority of people realize that what they have been doing up to that point is what they’ll be doing to 60 and beyond, just more of it because the exp curve increases exponentially.
That and copy paste mobs and landmarks.

that is just your opinion mate…

It’s a little ridiculous to say that the OPs points have nothing to do with it.

Most players will be willing to deal with a few time/money sinks but when almost everything in a game is designed to be far too inconvenient for the eventual reward, they will simply stop playing.

That’s not to say you aren’t allowed to be enjoying the game. If you have the time and patience to find that type of game enjoyable there’s nothing wrong with it. However, it likely won’t maintain widespread appeal, which is what I think we are seeing here.

I’m pretty sure the localized banking and travel systems are both huge on why players stopped playing. I mean, they’re the 2 main reasons some of my friends don’t want to play after watching some streams.

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All the points OP raises is all things that have been publicly shared by the Devs well before this game launched. If you buy a game, but doesn’t do a modicum of effort to find out what you are buying, that is on you, but I highly doubt that any of those points of contention - however valid they may be in his view - are causing people to leave the game.

The far more likely scenario that most people point to and say they quit because of is the lvl 30 burn out and why? Because for 30 levels they have been doing the same things and now they’re faced with the daunting task of doing the same thing for the next 30 levels but… More because exponential experience needed to level up.

That townboard run that gave you one level up will now barely give you 5% exp

all quests are almost the sam
1- kill 15 monsters
2- loot 5 boxes
3-kill 1 single mob
those are the 3 type of quests repeats and repeats it is running and box looting simulator to me now and i am more poor than real life in this game i am playing since release i am 50 lvl and i don’t think i will be playing it after 60 level… it is fun to think about max leveling etc. but i am sad about the game it had so much potential
and repeat and repeat and repeat
i don’t even say that 989834 km away item craft quests

also try leveling with fast travel just do quests eventually u end up ( i have house etc. i don’t use it with full bag but i am out of azoth anyway i don’t wanna farm azoth in respawning camps everyday 1 hour for azoth management…

this game has simply a cap or limitation for everything flying-storage-crafting-coins-moving around-running-no mounts-everything is problematic even looting geez i always feel like half … and angry frustrated and eventually log off at the end of the day… this is not fun limitations are understandable for balancing but those game’s are not fun at all…

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