The Queue times are NOT 'just 20 minutes' and this doesn't look good for returning players

After the recent announcements, I decided to come back and give New World a second chance.

I tried logging in on my main character, got the queue bug that says you’re in 1st or 2nd place in the queue and therefor had no idea how long I’d be waiting… Checked reddit and saw that you can check actual queue lengths on server status website - Saw something like 350 people queued for my server.

Figured I’d rather start fresh on a lower populated server, so made a new character on the lowest pop EU central server.

I’ve now been in the queue for almost 3 HOURS… It says ‘You are queuing as a new player’… Not sure if that’s relevant but it makes me feel like I’m being punished for being new.

There’s tons of threads and reddit posts claiming that the queues are ‘only 20 minutes long’ and it’s complete BS. I don’t know if my account is bugged or something, but this is ridiculous.

The population has dropped by like 95%+ since launch, so there’s literally ZERO excuse for this. How the hell can they expect people to return to the game and stick with it, when you literally can’t even get past the queue?!?!?!



Great to see that the community hasn’t improved either!


I kid. That’s crazy though.

Glad to have you back! Unfortunately, players had a huge call for mergers a couple of months ago, which has now turned into queues. Hopefully, AGS will do something ASAP

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Dude, the sad part is, I’ve heard the game has improved a lot since launch…

People WANT to come back, but just can’t… it sucks!

I can understand why they’d want to merge servers when the pop is dying, but there must be a better way to have done it than this!

Literally making it impossible for players to come back and increase the pop again lol

I don’t disagree, the last mergers were poorly timed but the players really wanted it. Given its the weekend, I doubt anything happening until midweek at least.

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The population doubled in just a few weeks, in part due to a spike in players as the game is on sale right now. Adding a server for example EU could be an idea, but we must also not expect them to go overboard. We’ve seen where that lead in the past.

Calls community worse and then says that. Lol.



I understand your frustration, but prior to the summer the game was in decline.

Over the summer they stabilized and now have a hype-train.

AGS will of course need to re-open servers. But it is what it is

I kinda’ dismissed your post until I saw the 3 hour wait. There was a 200 person queue on US East (COS) when I logged on Friday - and the wait wasn’t nearly as long. Maybe 10… 15 minutes I think.

So I could understand being frustrated with a queue that long.

It’s fine, but yeah 3 hours is beyond a joke. I wouldn’t be here for the sake of 10-15 minutes… Happy to go take a shit, shave my bush or w/e while I wait. But 3 hours… The game is gonna remain dead if they don’t fix it asap.

Can you make a single comment on here without being a completely toxic piece of shit??

You are the shitty community you are complaining about.


browsing the forum for almost 2 hours now, is all the gameplay i will get today… (queue 196)
this is my new-player-experience :smiley: haven’t seen anything but character creation

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Sounds about right. It’s pretty frustrating… It’s not often I give games a second chance, but the livestreams that the devs have been doing made me feel like they were really trying to improve the game. Heard good things too… and yet here I am…

If ever, you might try to PTR. The US east server has been open pretty regularly and ive been enjoying the hell out of it to pass the time

We had 17 EU Servers. 4 were dead. Now we have 6 Servers left. AGS just merged to many servers. Nobody called for so many merges.

Yes they did, 100%. Was it too many though, yeah 100% agree there too

Everybody called* fixed

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