The queues are broken and new worlds biggest blunder?

I’m on Server Utopia so that’s probably also a problem…
I was in queue for over 15 hours and got to play 10 minutes of the game before the servers went down for maitenance.

I hit play as soon as it became available and was sitting at 322 in queue, the next half hour it moved to 307- then to 306 another half hour later. My friends who joined the queue later then I did have now surpassed me and I haven’t moved at all in the queue. I now have to requeue and am sitting at over 2000+

I don’t understand creating more servers when you must know that people are already rooted in some of these servers…? They have friends and other people enjoying the game. The only thing being suggested is moving to another server? Punishing people who actually managed to get access to the server. I think it’s great we have so many multicultural servers for AP Southeast, Utopia was the one server that sounded the best to me cause I already knew what it was- I felt like more worlds like Aquarius which was used during the CBT would have been great option as well. Even though they still would have had queues.

I feel sorry for the community managers having to do all the grunt work and taking all the heat because they’re on the front lines. I believe so much in New World and want it to do incredibly well but I won’t lie I’m agitated because I guess I expected better and that’s my own fault for building it up I guess.

The biggest blunder was definitely not creating Asia Pacific servers. I wish that someone would explain why that decision even occured… is it because of all the rules and changes in relation to game curfews in China or something like that, just some words on why this has happened may allow us to be a little more understanding. I just feel left we’ve been left in the dark.

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All their staff went home knowing there was no issues to be had, just impatient players.

The thing is that this is at least partly true.

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