The real biggest issue with NW: The Internet is full of anti NW human bots

I see all kinds of articles and posts here and elsewhere that are full of misinformation BS.

Absolutely no solid proof can ever be provided to substantiate the utter lies about the complete fabrication of the extreme and ridiculous claim that “the economy is ruined” and the forever perpetuated lie about AGS not having done anything about dupes or botting none of which were/are an actual issue in the game.

The real bots are the sheep who keep repeating these same lines endlessly in hopes of driving players away from NW. Meanwhile major game breaking exploits plaguing other mmos are proudly shown and talked about as if it’s business as normal and how “funny” it is to exploit them by the likes of the infamous game breaker Rextroy for example.

Nothing but fear mongering to drive players away from NW in hopes of gaining potential paying players elsewhere and increasing the numbers of other slowly dying or stagnant mmorpg communities.

The latest trend is Youtubers and Twitch loud mouths shilling for games that don’t even exist yet while, for no reason other than hate and spreading misinformation, endlessly shitting on NW and to a lesser degree other mmos.

We get it, NW is incomplete, yes, it is supposed to be that way as a live game service in its 1.x mmorpg game inception phase.

AGS forum mods, please take note of the replies below. It’s clear who the human hate bots are from their reaction.


Tbh, the economy is fucked beyond repair. The fact BiS items sell far beyond the max cap of the gold says enough.
That’s for one piece mind you.
Whilst 99% of the players barely get what 70k? I’m on average running at 15k ish.
This is money that won’t ever leave the server. Unless fresh server!

All this above isn’t taking into account the real RMT going on with some of these guilds. I mean have u checked the prices on some of these sites? U can get a passive income with owning everfall.

One of the things I do see, is people mistake AGS for Amazon. Like they think AGS has all the resources, all the money and all the people at their disposal.


What misinformation are you talking about? You’re making up a premise and not even generating a real topic to discuss. You’re ranting.


I still laugh every time I log in to the game and see someone selling 2k asmodeum, but sure guess economy is fine.

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You not playing this game, at least its look like.
This game on alfa version, not even beta, paid alfa. Each aspect of the game broken thats why people dont want to play this amazing AAA project

I never liked the herd instinct of ppl who follow blindly whatever says a random youtube/twitch streamer or whatever says a frustrated guy on reddit or any other forum.

But yea, sadly there are way to many ppl who just follow and repeated whatever those frustrated streamers/forum criers says.

For me things are simple, I play it and make my own opinion. If I like it, I keep playing. If I dont like it, I uninstall and move on. But I dont live on forum/videos making propagandas how bad a game it is.


Selling bulk asmo isn’t a big deal. A lot of people horde mats. I do my dailies and put in buy orders when the prices are low, then try to unload it all when there’s a spike. I’m a solo player and I’ve had up to 1500 asmo and glittering ebony before. I have 4 or 5 hundred of each tier 5 mat right now.


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Very well said.

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You can call it whatever you like, not gonna change bugs in game, interesting topic, so people here literally want to close eyes on bugs and blame blogger’s/ content creator, interesting

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The only dupe that widely got people banned, was the potion one.
I know this because I know some of the people that duped gold ranging from a few 100k to millions. The only thing that affected who got banned, was the method used.

Did it ruin the economy? No.
If anything, it made sure the entire economy didn’t collapse in to nothingness due to the insane gold deflation that was going on at the time.

What does “ruin” the economy is the rarity of certain items vs the gold generation from property taxes (every house generates 10x what you pay in taxes).

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What? Alfa Romeo is a car brand

BiS items sell for that due to their rarity and materials required to actually get one.
You can also just go grind leather for the rest of your life for roughly 10k per hour.

Doesn’t add anything to what I said.

Sound to me like you want to bunch everyone into non sentient labels and think it is as easy as that. Very egotistical, and to publicly post it…

This is just you shitting on people with literally no foundation. You just don’t like differing opinions.

But since you’re a proponent it’ll stay up. :expressionless:

There is a difference in having a different opinion and shitting on others, but if that’s your way of understanding/seeing things, then it explains why your likes give themselves the freedom to shit on others and things as if it’s the norm.

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People need to stop looking for others opinion on everything… While there’s a bunch of haters talking nonsense about the game, there’s many others playing daily and having fun. They don’t know what they like on a game, what’s important for a game to have so they can have fun? New world has changed a lot since it was released and I’m excited for the new update and I couldn’t care less about what others think about the game, I’m the one playing, I’m the one having fun everyday.


Well i would say this for you… have 7 friends, all duped, all not banned, all with banks full, not gonna show names, not gonna show shit, because don’t want them to get banned by my fault and since they evaded the “100% banned all dupers” it is not me who needs to help and go against them for the claims of ags saying everything is solved.

Since the “dupe got banned” claim is same claim “we dont use any automatic system for banning people by reporting” :slight_smile:

Keep your copium no problem. But don’t try to spread it for non addicted users.
I know my shit and dont really care if ppl believe me or not.

I play NW because it is the only next gen mmorpg “open world” out right now and i learned to have fun doing some of the things in it, while the rest i dont even dare to touch because is just waste of my time and unfun, but once aoc or tl comes i am out.

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I sense a troll / misinformation human bot.