The real nerf/rework that Musket and Bow need [From a Musket player since preview]

I’ll go straight to the point so the topic won’t become THAT big.

The nerf on PTR for Musket and Bow is not going to be enough, the same thing is going to happen as soon as it hit live servers, you’ll have to deal with 18 ranged players in OPR and it’s not going to be FUN. The “rework” in the Musket is NOT GOOD, it’ll barely change Musket’s gameplay and people are still going to complain about it. Nerfs in the Bow are also NOT ENOUGH, the weapon is still going to outperform almost all other weapons. So:

  1. Damage falloff: Both Musket and Bow should receive a Damage falloff of -50% damage after the projectile travels 50m, period.

  2. Musket shots should become a projectile with similar speed/falloff as a heavy Bow shot.
    While in Shooter’s Stance your shots are hitscan.

Anything besides this is just NOT GOING TO WORK, the same toxicity that we experience in OPR right is going to remain the same, and I, as a Musket player (I just love the weapon concept) DON’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN.

Please help us @Luxendra @Aenwyn

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Bump, Bow needs to have its damage nerfed even more in the PRT OR decrease the size of the arrow hit box because bows never miss nowadays compared to prior version…


total agree
@Luxendra @Aenwyn
Punishing accuracy of aim is not the way to “fix” the musket.
The problem is that the weapon has a lot of damage, 3x zoon and hitscan, at the same time that it forces you to play with very little constitution; Keep this information in mind and take the bow, 300 dex and 200 cons, I believe the same damage as the musket but with 200 constitution; Take the bow files, copy and paste in the musket, remove the scaling with intelligence and increase the base damage to be similar to the bow with 300 dex, remove the hitbox and the 3x zoon by putting a bullet travel similar to the heavy attack from the bow and test. You will notice that you will have a much more balanced and friendly weapon to play.


@Luxendra @Aenwyn