The real reason people dont play opr

Because it sucks.

Its always unbalanced garbage.

People have to beg people to queue in general and sure people can blame umbral shards but honestly thats not why people dont play it. Its just not fun.

We need a normalized pvp mode. Because this just aint it.


What´s a normalized pvp mode?

In addition, i think opr is one of the most fun pvevp mods in mmorpg.


I dont really care, I at least like the PvP.

100% TRUE lol… Come on 28/32 When in reality it is 17/32 lol.

We need something like Battle Ground for WoW
or Warzones like SWTOR.

We need multiple PvP maps to Que for. And it must be random.


Provide specifics why it sucks.

Two major issues with OPR.

  • not being cross server
  • that 12 vs 19 matches exist.

The whole thing is just so weird. We have this faction-based, territory control, PvP game, and then they threw in this weird faction-less, instanced battleground thing that has nothing at all to do with territory control or anything really. I think we’d be better off if there was not OPR and they instead did more with the forts in the open world to fill the mid group size PvP combat void.


I concur. OPR is just not worth playing in it’s current state.
Maybe adding more rewards like they said might change that, but as it is currently:

The time spent vs the tiny rewards = nope
The total lack of balance = nope
The PvE stuff that doesnt add anything but annoyance = nope
the afk guys who get their 500 and run into the sea = nope

There are so many better things I could do with my ingame time than OPR as a level 60 player.
The couple of gypsum a day is the only reason Ive even queued OPR in a month and that isnt often since nobody else feels like playing it but musket dinguses and VG exploiters.

All it takes is for a single premade group of 5 to sign up at the right or wrong time and you get a 11v18 match and you get to just hate life for the next 20 minutes.

No thanks


OPR doesnt stand on its own merit. It NEEDS the umbral rewards or people spend all day in general begging folks to queue up. Like… and we can pretend mutators are just that much better but alot of folks already got their 625 sets. M10s are going for 30k now. If people loved opr they’d queue opr. The shards are like putting lipstick on a pig.

What is normalized pvp mode?

Normalized pvp modes are kind of like how LA does it where you ccan select your build and everyone is on a level playing field.


As long as the game isn’t a blow out, like 1000 to 600 (or less), I think OPR is fine. It’s just like any other team death match in an action game. It feels the same as playing a round of CoD, overwatch, apex, etc.

Probably the biggest problem with the game mode is unbalanced teams. I guess 40 min games are a bit long, too.

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  1. Arenas 1v1 - 3v3 - 5v5 (afraid 1v1 vs heallers? do it like LA2 - 5 min and then winner who did more dmg). More arenas 1v1 = more streames = more viewes = more people wanna to play
  2. Zones (areas) with ONLY pvp mode ON - why they didnt make SHattered Mountain - Edengrove - Great Cleave only pvp mode ON? I hope that new zones will be only for PVP ON
  3. More WARs for not big guilds - like 20v20 - make some clan houses in the world that you can capture and develop
  4. Open world bosses with unique drop - ONLY in PVP ON zones

AND YES - wanna some ONLY pvp Servers! You will see that their population will be 2000/2000


If it was team death match that might actually add variety to the games. As of now its just 80% ga/wh lmb lmb lmb lmb, with other people jumping around doing the prone teleport around the map cheat crap, and IG/VG exploiting ice spike.

I know its supposed to get better but man… good lord… I just dont know if all this domination mode play is worth playing anymore.

I am reluctant to join at times because on OPR can be up to 45 min long. They should cut the max time to 30 min

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I see less and less GA/WH…far more IG/VG/rapier now. Of course that will likely change again after the patch.

OK, thank you, i thought you´d compare it with LA pvp, but i wanted to hear it first and why u consider equalized stats as a better playing mode.

Personally i disagree with stats beeing normalized is a good thing, i do enjoy character progression, i´d see no reason to play an rpg if i have no progression and always be on par with a fresh player, even in the most popular pvp games fps or moba you have progression in buying items/equip once you beaten someone, i dont know if thats the case in lost ark. Plus normalizing doesnt balance stuff, it might be easier, but even in la, beeing out for so many years and its still unbalanced if you look up tier lists.

I agree with more diversity in pvp mods for sure, one pvevp mod is not enough and shouldn´t do it all. I am ofc very certain that ther´ll be more in future. I would be awsome to push open world a little more, made a suggestion myself a little while ago.
Opr needs a ton of people to start, if you are on lowpop server it might be 10% of ppl online, i guess thats where you come from, mentioning the global player begging. Thats not a thing anymore if population hits a threshold of about 600 something i guess. Who would play Mutations if the only source of umbral would be opr, rewards will correct this a little and lower the population threshold.
This one mode cant do it all and it shouldnt, in my opinion they allready nerfed a little to much pve wise, brutes dont feel worth doing anymore for example. I rly think that this mode is great for what it wants to be and offers so much alternative playstyles, run with the zerg, build up your base, ninja their base, pick up 1on1, there is just a lack of alternatives like pure pvp modes, open world etc.
What they realy should fix is balancing teams a little better in size and maybe by introducing a hidden mmr or somthing, those short stomps on either side are just annoying, they are not that frequent but still to often. Plus some sort of afk flagging/reporting, but i rarely see ppl afking with 500 points like someone mentioned before.

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if we que for opr and i cant stomp the new 60s with 620 gear and its downscaled cause you cry babies need a relief, i will be mad.

Most the pvpers at end game will be mad.

equaliving stats is dumb and undermining effort.

you want good gear for better pvp? keep playing.

That makes sense but I think it also makes sense that new players are discouraged from playing PVP because until they grind PVE for 2+ months they will get stomped by everyone else. Thats not very fun is it?

If you start anything new, you’ll get whooped on by people that have been at it for a long time

Should it be that way? Should one have to grind 2+ months of PVE content before they can even play PVP content?

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