The real reason the LE nerf feels bad is because- its 50% longer than it should be

From the time you activate LE… to the time it actually casts on a target equals to 0.7s.

So why DOES it feel horrible to be 1s instead?

BECAUSE… the devs added a 0.8s cast time to an ability with a 0.7s cast time, making it 1.5s to actually heal someone. Or rather they don’t count the ‘windup cast’ with the ‘cast time’ thus making it longer than it should be.

’But the timer on the screen shows it casting for 1s!"

Sure but its not accurate as it does not account for the time it takes for the character to wind up and for the cast to actually ‘activate’.
Neither of those are accounted for meaning the actual time it takes to cast DE (and soon to be LE) is 50% longer than advertised.


In the video you can see from the time LE is ‘inputted’ to the time it actually ‘activates’ is roughly 0.7s.

Meanwhile the VG root (which is 1s on live servers) is genuinely 1s from the time it hits its target to the time the target can move again. MEANING from the time the target is actually hit with the root to the time the target is freed from the root is true to what the game tells us.

But for… DE (Divine Embrace) which supposedly has a 1s cast time, is actually 1.5s from the time it selected/inputted on the target to the time it actually/fully casts on them. And as tested on PTR, the devs slapped the DE cast time on the LE ability meaning this same 1.5s cast time is now on LE and the real reason it feels ‘like it takes too long’ is… because it does.

As seen above with LE/DE side by side on PTR

Feel free to counter-argue, but I’d MUCH rather remove the cast times on both abilities and either increase their CDs or output. Cast times are stupid.


They could have adjusted their mana cost, their healing output, their target hitbox, the cooldowns or the passive perks and the nerf would have probably not managed to FEEL BAD like the current choice of change that they have settled on.

There are plenty of things to increase the COST of the skills without making them feel bad to play or be effectively worthless in a hectic situation.

Instead of changes that cost me (the player) my sanity, we should make balance changes that cost my ingame character some form of resource.

This is a huge issue across the board with recent changes they have pushed in this game and it will perpetuate the cries of “They dont play the game, if they did they’re realize this feels bad”.

Changes that make our game feel less responsive = feels bad.
Changes that mean we cant move our character like longer roots or casting times = feels bad.
Changes that make it so what we do has no ingame effect (iframes) = feels bad.
Changes that make it so when I hit a button it doesn’t do what it did last time = feels bad.

You have to be able to take something like the feel of playing your game into account instead of just going on metrics and numbers because they’re quantifiable and don’t require you to put in the hours of playtime.

One is “easier” and makes a bad game.

The other takes more time, but has a chance of making a good game that people want to play.

We aren’t here playing this game to read numbers on a screen, we’re here playing it to feel good and have fun. If you continue to make things unfun in a game who’s point is to generate fun, you won’t have anyone playing your game. I can’t simplify it much more than that.

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Such as reworking the LE tree.

Currently it goes as this:

  • LE does an 80% heal + 30% for each buff the target has (15% on ptr ofc)
  • 25 stamina
  • gain 2% mana for each buff target has
  • (ult) when healing someone with LE, any lifestaff buffs on them last 2 more seconds

Instead make it this:

  • LE does an 80% heal
  • 25 stamina
  • when healing someone with LE, any lifestaff buffs on them last 2 more seconds
  • (ult) each buff the target has increases LE healing by 30%

^ this nerfs LE by forcing the player to choose to put more points in the LE tree in order to have a truly powerful LE, or sacrifice that for the ult in the left tree. Would make the players choose but doesnt change the way LE actually feels when casting and essentially still nerfs the weapon

Yep they should remove cast times all together It legit feels awful playing healer in PTR. Then they also added stamina change…like its not a fun class to play, its more enjoyable playing DPS.

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yeah and what other ability has a cast time? most other abilities have windup animations but not cast times for a reason


Meteor Shower.

and how many people use meteor shower??

Not really because the dmg is applying while its casting during Meteor Shower.

In LE you need to wait the entire duration before the heal goes off. In fact most people ask for DE to work like that where it applies an amp’ing heal depending on how long you hold if for.

ice storm flame thrower and flame skiills are instant same with ice al meele attack right away same with every other skill type its the only skill in the game thats being put on a timer after the timer is done for the cooldown…

I know mate im a healer lol did you mean to respond to me?

was putting more in that were instant you forgot list just goes on forever lol u know of things they can do instantly and know one else can

ahh old mate above listed meteor shower as a skill that has a cast time and I have NEVER seen anyone use it lol.

flamethrower, metor strike and the escape every fire staff pretty much uses that combo and non of the skills have timers remind him lol

everytime i see someone use it they get tackled by a melee midcast and then vanish into the void. Meteor shower cracks me up everytime


the only ones who can heal it are the ones hiding behind a pillar. There are no pillars in war… which is a big reason why most of us still play, I put this on another post but heres the question i would love the devs to answer

If you can win 3v3 arenas without a healer when the other team has one, how can you expect healers to do their job healing 4 people on top of themselves in war?

RIP LS. 2022/09-2022/12. But now theyre messing with the corpse off the LS - not cool!

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