The real reason this game could (and probably will) die

So, let’s face it, every MMORPG is subject to a rough start when we talk about bugs. And this was in fact the first phase of this game, with all the serious bugs we’ve had as the weeks passed a lot of players felt like the game was too rushed. Then came patch 1.1 and even more bugs were introduced. Is that a reason for the game to die?

Absolutely not. With such a good start for NW and so many players testing the game “for free” it would be very silly not to put every effort in fixing every problem ASAP. The player base is there, so are the resources. And this is where the problem starts. Some bugs are getting fixed but how many of them are left? Every week I find out about a new bug. Going to WAR is more about trying to counter enemies exploits than actually playing the game, figuring out strats and so on. Wars are this game’s endgame, why is AGS doing literally nothing to ensure that the endgame is as clean and fair as they can? I cannot state how frustrating it is for me and for all the players that have been participating in wars with me, facing a team that is exploiting constantly from speed bugs, to movement, lag, and now the best part… THE AIMBOTS.

So this is a funny story on my server Bengodi (EU). Every player who has been playing OPR before server merges is aware of three players that have been abusing musket’s aimbots. I’m not going to talk through every detail but the existence of such cheats is evident and I invite you to try and find them (DONT USE THEM). Of course it’s pretty obvious when someone turns 180º and instantly headshots you, or you are hit through walls, through a tiny pixel in the model. If they know you are shotcalling the war, or a main healer, they will COME for you and you will realize immediatly. If you guys have been playing shooters you are more than aware how evident and annoying these cheats are.

So of course these players were massively reported and eventually banned from game. What did AGS do after that? They removed their bans and let them change their names because they considered that these players were being bullied. Funny enough? They changed their names to something like iiiIIIII and so on, great job AGS.

AGS please wake up, exploits and cheats is what is going to kill your game. Bugs are annoying yes, but how annoying would it be to play chess when your opponent has extra moves and you cannot do anything about it? Everyone who wants to take this game rather seriously is going to quit your game and find a fair game to play.

So this is my last call for you guys: please, get your ANTICHEAT to work ASAP, BAN EXPLOITERS instead of helping them, FIX the damn war bugs (there are many more bugs than the 2-3 you tried to fix last week) or your game will, sadly, die.


i have been at max range with sniper on a musket and the guy im aiming at was dodging all over the place evading my shots and hitting head shots with a bow in return. why would anyone who doesnt cheat want to be a part of this?


gearscore crap will be killing this game. after their recent patch announcement, active players dropped by 20k


Yeah, it’s over dude. I’m praying Ashes of creation is looking at this and taking notes on what not to do. I’m tired of stressing and grinding. This isn’t a game, it’s a cheat filled chore.


Playing against cheaters isn’t fun at all. It’s been months and these players aren’t getting banned. How discouraging is that? Why keep releasing dumb content and not do anything against the players that are killing your game? Can we get a CM here to at least tell us that they are investigating the issue? If they can’t even hear us how are they gonna fix it?

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game needs to be sold to a better company thats the only way it will survive

This game is only being kept alive by RMT and bots. sad to say but this is also the reason why bots arent being banned.

I Feel like the only people that would left playing this game is those ppl that will try to own settlements in game to just cashout on RMT.

if you check the overall hypoe of the game or twitch stats it has less views than super mario 64 or chess online

so its fair and save to say that the game is already dead.

does it have a chance to reincarnate? yes but its like 0.03% chance because major flaws of this game cannot be fixed it seems.

One of it being the Game Engine itself with terrible netcode, desync and performance problems. 30 FPS wars on godlike 20k USD PC is kinda Meh.


fanbois would REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at this

It has chance to reincarnate, but only if they go all in and wipe everything, rework and fix shit and go for a “New World Reborn”. At this point there is just no other way and if they gonna wait to long not even this will help because people will be to scared to even touch it…it will go the same way like Bless.

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I don’t think aimbots are going to kill this game. Help kill PVP? Sure.

What killed this game was the player run economy still has ongoing issues months after release - one of them was implemented intentionally by Amazon.

Just think about it since launch:

  1. At least three times they’ve shut down trading and in a couple cases any wealth transfer of any kind because people were duplicating gold.
  2. Bots, bots everywhere.
  3. For weeks now property taxes have been set artificially low which is essentially Amazon handing millions of gold a month to the richest players on each server.

This player based economy is completely fucked through exploits, bots and poor decisions. There is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube. It’s over. There is no recovery to find here.

The people who got ahead for any of the 3 reasons up above have a good reason to keep playing. Everyone else who didn’t does not have many good reasons to keep playing and most of them have left.

This game launch is a cautionary tale for other MMOs under development. Game breaking bugs and poorly thought out fixes for player issues can absolutely destroy a game.


Would you play poker against someone who’s got hidden cards, everyone knows about it and no one does anything against it? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not.

Here here…way to much treadmill. Fix the game first. small frequent patches low downtime. No need to stuff a patch with 10,000 additional pork fixes. Do one thing do it right …if not roll it back. years and years of successful projects do that. You do not need to throw the kitchen sink at everything. They key is very low downtime. And do it predictably based on server times. Like no more then 15 down.

I say these things because of love the platform and the game and I want it’s long term trajectory to not be in the ground.

#1 - Fix the damn bots…so out of hand it’s inane. The gathers, which are a VERY large percentage of what you have left can’t do much anymore. Bots are legion on my server. Probably approaching 20% of the population.

#2 - WAY more vocal about WHAT your doing and WHY. Once every 3 months is not going to cut it. You need to be way more vocal about what your doing and when. Road Map online like most indi games…which you are frankly at this point. Be vocal if you need to move things via a website and timeline on what and when your going to fix it.

#3 - IN GAME - Game Masters (GM’s). DO IT now already. Bots could be banned in minutes in instead of Months. You have proven you can’t solve then with code. Get someone in the house…the dogs are crapping the place up.

#4 - Player Survey
Player driven survey responses will help you a lot. Give you the feedback you deserve. Reward them for doing them. Maybe 1000 store tokens something! You may be surprised. Often something that is bothering certain types of players you never hear about. You usually here from the violent opposition.

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Maybee this will help, but don’t think so. Game will die 100%, because report system don’t working or working wrong, my gameplay time around ~1800 hours i have reported 300 players or more, block/mute list 200 players, most of them its real money trade coins adverting, bots, auto clickers on resources, cheaters with aimbots, exploiters, also have reported to support web version ~10 or more players with proof for selling coins where ingame nickname same as nickname on site selling coins, guild who controlling territory and selling coins, like in guild you need only mark in google excel what you wanna receive this week coins or real money. 90% of this people still playing… Don’t know what to do… but playing in this community pay2win,bots,exploit abusers, cheaters i don’t wanna. Patch 625 gear score with mutation expeditions and also patch with brimstone sands don’t help with this situation…

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Also interesting how Amazon Game Studio receiving profit from this things, they have % from this selling sites?

Yeah this was real, full guild from start RMT, they have google excel files with 2 options coins or real money…

Of course bad game economy alongside with cheats and exploiters taking BIG territories that provide them millions of gold every week is what takes this game to a whole new level of rottenness.

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