The reason people fled Europe for the New World

The system that had 1% of the population controlling 99% of the usable land indentured the 99% to a life cycle of working to enrich the landlords. The New World was founded on the notions of infinite private property for the 99%. This game should either be called old world to reflect the landlord system or modern world to reflect the heavily exploited economies and currencies of today.


wait i though the point of conquistadors was the raid the gold and take it back to Spain. for the .01% monarchs.

its defo not the colonial Americas right now. and even then the British colonies were for the .01% British ruling class until it revolted.

we need a revolt i say.

The forums can be revolting. Is that close enough?


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We never actually made it to the “new world”. Instead we are shipwrecked on this strange island that evidently still practices the old world ways. We were victims of the Bermuda Triangle perhaps. In another 100 to 200 years planes should start crashing here maybe then we will learn of new ways to govern.

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oh boy i cant wait till actual m1 grands start popping in oprs.

I was thinking AK but this is better! They must model the empty clip ping!

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but no really the whole Bermuda triangle thing has to be right otherwise where the hell did the castle constructers learn how to make repeating gattling cannons in whatever age this is.

Yeah seems to me this is more of a lost world than a new world. If thats the case we should have dinosaurs and all kinds of things that were lost to time everywhere else.

Shhhhhh. They’ll start asking for dinosaur mounts next :smiley:

pretty sure i saw that asked like a few months ago right after the hippo request.

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