The Reason you *Don't* Want Fresh Servers

The most common argument for fresh servers is bringing everyone in on a level playing field and how enticing this will be to new and returning players. This is true, and since Survival games like Rust get cited often I’ll go ahead and make an example of them.

In Survival games, the path to endgame is fairly short, especially if you know what you’re doing. Knowledge, skill, and luck can catapult you through the progression sequence. Years ago on Ark I reckoned I was about 8 times as productive as a casual, and even though I’m fairly crafty at New World, I would never progress 8 times faster than another player. Modern MMO’s go out of their way to make sure all players progress, while Survival games hide dozens of skip-ahead strategies.

One of the major appeals of an MMO is that you can nearly always catch up. Just by playing a few hours each day you can hit max level and get top tier gear, and New World is on the easier side of the grind. Pushing New World into a “race” style game actively cripples this. Angry at the dominant outfits? Well guess what, they can’t get better than they are, and you’ve got 24 hours 7 days a week to catch up. You can do it right now. “But they got BIS!” it doesn’t take a genius to see how much value drops off after the second or even first perk. That one guy having 20% more freedom isn’t ruining the game for you.

Lets focus a bit more and compare “Fresh Start” experiences to a race. We can divide people into two groups, those who are currently 625 GS with all 2-perk or better gear and those who aren’t.

Imagine a 5k race, then imagine someone sitting at the 1 mile marker pouting. They say they would have all the motivation to finish the race and enjoy it so much more if so many other people haven’t already finished. Also they blame their failure to complete and/or enjoy the race on the lack of a more constricted timeline. See how monumentally absurd that is?

If you aren’t 625 2-perked then this is you. You’re grasping at excuses for why you didn’t enjoy New World.

But what if that’s not you. What if you have already “beaten” New World, and you want to relive the early days. Well you can do that right now. Start a new character. Easy peasy. “But…” no buts, as I’ve already explained, turning NW into a fresh server race is actively bad for you. Unless you have 49+ friends, most of whom plan to take vacation from work (if they have jobs) on the fresh start launch, then you will be considerably worse off than you are right now.

We might get fresh start servers, it matters less on whether its a good idea and more on if AGS can make money off of it. But I can’t help but to think how tragic its going to be, when so many people take vacations and no-life 80 hours a week just to hit end game and have someone else ask them, “Wait, so you just no-lifed 160 hours on a new server without having a gamer crew to start with?” they’ll answer yes, the others will laugh, then max the taxes on the settlement, raid their base, kill their dinos and grief them off the server.

This isn’t for AGS. This is for you. You’re going to fail. You’re going to fail and be disappointed and come back here with a mountain of excuses why you yet again could not enjoy this game.


I totally agree, its already fairly easy to get to max level and geared up. But then again if people are asking for fresh servers as an ultimatum for them to give the game a 2nd chance, then so be it. having fresh servers wont hinder the experience of the current player base in any way or form. it has 0 effect on you.


I don’t understand all those post about the Fresh Start. If you don’t want it just don’t go on it. Done.

I stopped a long time ago, and the update coming with a fresh start would make me come back to it. Sure I could get back to my 60 char with all prof 150+. But it just feels weird, and lost. So I am ready to delete it to restart playing the game.

If you think the idea is dumb, then it just means that you are not the one targeted by this announcement.


Maybe not 0 but its pretty negligible. For instance I’ve been taking a bit of a break before the next update but I had some free time tonight and hopped on to do some things. If New World was a “fresh server” game then that would be pointless.

“Have 30 hours in the next three days to play? No? Then play something else.” That’s where the fresh server mindset leads.


Why not just make a new character then? My point is not to convince AGS one way or the other because it barely affects me and AGS is going to follow the money.

My point is you, personally, got nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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That is extremely well said. I don’t care either way cause I love where I’m at but I think you’re spot on.


I just don’t want to level my professions again I refuse to lol. Was way too tedious and a very unfun part of the game I did just to get it done. Hopefully they merge the servers after a while because I probably wouldn’t come back.

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Personally I have no objection to fresh start servers, I won’t go play on there. But what I don’t want to see post fresh server launch is a forum filled with QQ threads on as to how nothing changed, how large companies of sweaty neckbeards are still dominating servers, how the markets are still controlled by these sort of companies, how the wealth gap between players is still massive, etc.

Because one thing is certain, fresh servers won’t change anything. It’s not going to provide any sort of miraculous experience where everything is going to be different. The way current servers are now is very much a reflection of what you’ll be getting on a fresh server.


80 hours a week? Those are rookie numbers. I’ll be playing 112 hours a week for the first month. :wink:


Well said, the fresh start crowd are still going to just say ‘why do you care?’ when you point this out to them. They just want their dopamine fix, AGS is going to cave in the end so whatever.

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Some of your points are valid but NW is not a survival game as you know and it’s an MMO where the community spirit matters. Have you tried running quests a fresh player? You see chat flooded about boss farms, chest runs and there’s no one to do the low level content with. You struggle to compete for boss kills and generally feel useless as a group member because your GS is not going to cut it. It’s not only because there’s a cast of players that have stashed massive amount of wealth from dupes. It’s because the majority of players don’t care anymore about anything that is not going to bring them 600 gs gear.

Fresh servers are for players that want to enjoy the game from day one and not try to catch up for weeks.


I’ll give you a good reason why fresh start servers are a good idea:

I’m currently on Fea, a new server that wasn’t a fresh start server, now I’m level 26 and I thought it a good idea to make some bags, both to use and sell. Oh, I can’t make them because the companies that hold all the towns have upgraded all the stonecutting tables and none of the outfitters. This company own multiple towns. When I ask why they tell me it’s because they need loadstones for the coming patch, but not to worry as there is a tier 5 outfitter in Ebonscale.

This was two days ago and after attempting to make a run for Ebonscale and being killed after about ten seconds of entering the zone I haven’t logged in since and won’t bother again. It’s not a race, it’s a game and I literally can’t progress without simply spending all my gold on bags. So I’m now back on Chivalry 2, a different game.

So ask yourself, do you not want new players or even returning players?


And a fresh server would change this, how?

This is an example of why fresh servers won’t change anything. This is just game design your facing. This will be exactly the same on fresh servers.


Because everyone would be working at levelling everything rather than max levelled people taking everything and only preparing for themselves.


If it gets more people to play the game so, be it… I’m on the fence that most people wanting fresh start servers are just grasping at dupes/ exploits etc means they can’t compete competitively … but, have subpar gear and no skill to play the game… if a dominate guild that wants to make alts on that server they will roll everyone

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Well good thing that everyone have different opinions or else we all would do the same thing.
Those who want fresh servers/fresh start will be able top play in then and those who don´t… don´t.

The thing i don´t get it is why people have to be so negative in what others want. :heartpulse:


If you think it’s all about getting BIS and catching up then you are so wrong. I keep reading the same argument by the bunch of you who is hating on the fresh start server. What made you think that the returning players arent just as good with who is on top now in legacy servers? Perhaps they left because they dont want to play in a bug ridden, duped, exploited and inflated economy due to server balance? Maybe they didnt want to spam IG invincibility and hatchet bugs to be on top? I know a couple of rust and GW2 mega companies who is willing to try out NW again, but only on a fresh server. Imagine, 900k players at peak down to 10k and lets say 10% of that are better MMO players who just wanted a fair game at the start. thats easily 90k players who can beat your as* in a fair game.

Second, the current sever has lots its RPG part aspect. Its still a mmorpg right? There is no server history, no narrative, just a bunch of companies who were on top of there previous server. Ecnomy is bland, no point in farming, no RPG aspect.

Third, stay on your server? Why are you putting so much effort in telling people they dont deserve a fresh server?


This will change how exactly?

I cant believe you asked this.


That’s not an answer.

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