The Reason you *Don't* Want Fresh Servers

Here is why. Old but gold.


Seen that, still is not an answer as to how fresh servers are going to change anything.


It’s more like you started the marathon and then found out that a ton of people got away with using a vehicle for parts of this particular race, so now you’d like to run a different one LOL


It’s because they don’t want to start over and/or not be “in control” for any amount of time. They know that fresh start servers will pull people from the existing ones, reducing their domina- I mean “fun”.


I wont start playing again if they dont start new servers.
Thats your reason.

All the bullcrap of how easy it is to chatch up. Nobody can chatch up any of those starter bloated accounts just playing casually.
I know its irritating thinking about 100’s of hours played and you wont even be able to stomp noobs in your flashy gear and maxed out stats, but hey, new people want new servers or they wont even bother.

Its that simple.

If they dont start new servers with only transfers out i wont bother.
But thats me.


It’s useless and dangerous to do Fresh Start servers.

Give it 1-2 months on Fresh Start servers, and population will go down immensely on both current and fresh start servers.

Once everyone has min-maxed out their toons, what’s next? Another set of Fresh Start servers? Waste of time and resource.

Might as well make the game a seasonal game where everyone starts fresh every 6 months or something.


That is their point they are trying to make with this posts on daily basis why you should play in exisiting servers because they accumlated so much of money via legal way (WW, EF owners) or via dupes. So the only way to catch up is buying their money via RMT sites. Who wins if you do that.

With new fresh servers there is a POTENTIAL of 900K players (not saying all will come back), because game is in much better state, as it how used to be. If they tweak territory money gains, old/original servers are a dying breed which they are affraid of so many hours for nothing because they will be forced to start anew aswell.


People are returning to a game that had a bad release and want a fresh start, its that simple.


I don’t think people care too much if someone has progressed farther than them because they play more.

In my opinion, the appeal of fresh start servers is about gold.

If AGS changes the territory system, so no one ever amass millions of gold the game will be more balanced in the long run.


That’s a question not worth answering, hoenstly.

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Spot on haha

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If you think it’s all about getting BIS and catching up then you are so wrong. I keep reading the same argument by the bunch of you who is hating on the fresh start server. What made you think that the returning players arent just as good with who is on top now in legacy servers? Perhaps they left because they dont want to play in a bug ridden, duped, exploited and inflated economy due to server balance? Maybe they didnt want to spam IG invincibility and hatchet bugs to be on top? I know a couple of rust and GW2 mega companies who is willing to try out NW again, but only on a fresh server. Imagine, 900k players at peak down to 10k and lets say 10% of that are better MMO players who just wanted a fair game at the start. thats easily 90k players who can beat your as* in a fair game.

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The question is, what are you under the impression of that changes since then?

I’ve said it before, I get the sentiment. Dupes out of the way, all problems solved. But this is obviously far from the truth. The territory system hasn’t changed, bots are still running rampant. Gold flowing over from the pockets of a minority and illegitimate ways to progress via e.g. botting are still very much a thing.

With that, any fresh server 3 months down the line will just end up being a reflection of any current server and very much akin to the post launch situation. Not much has changed at all in terms of factors on which a fresh server could make a difference in the future.

In other words, you’re clueless on as to why you want a fresh server. Strong case. Ah well, enjoy. But don’t come QQ on the forums later on that nothing changed.


No you are the one who’s clueless if you had to ask the question. They are tweaking territory income so they wont earn millions per day - hello? 500k gold cap and you have companies earning millions. Economy is inflated AF from all the shit show. Do you seriously think when they made housing cost to 1/10 of its price but generates full income to territory owner not inflationary and ruined the server? If not, then you are the one who’s clue less.

As one person said why are you forcing someone to run the same marathon when others have used vehicles before.


None of these changes are there yet, none of the effects are evaluated yet. What’s next, 6 months from now you’re going to cry for fresh servers again because the numbers were off? And you call me clueless. Best of luck man, you’ll be needing it.

trust me I won’t QQ I will kick your ass easily in fresh start servers. And could easily back then when I still played. Mostly hardcore players left because of new MMO released (not hard to figure which one). Stating BS all the time that only plebs left not even achiving lvl 60 is just BS. Was in a guild controling both WW and EF. Why I quit is forcing someone who loves PVP to do chest runs on daily basis. Doing PVE content so my BIS gear didn’t get demoted with new expertise system. The only fun was when compentitive guilds flaged up and did chest runs same time as we did. But after a few crushing defeats they change time schedule.

As I see it this is in a much better state then before. The territory system will be changed they said it million times already and will be done before of release of fresh servers.

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Look, I don’t care about the size of your e-peen, not the slightest. Nor did I claim only plebs left, this is you just making stuff up.

All I’m saying is that out of the reasons on as to why players left in the first place, thus far only dupes have been resolved and tested. Any fresh server right now would just be prematurely if you ask me, and is likely only going to lead to people once more complaining and 6 months down the line demanding fresh servers again.

Since for example, as someone who loves doing PvP as you say, you still have no real way to level via PvP for example. You’re still primarily going to be doing PvE content to get your gear up for PvP purposes. Even if it may not be chest runs per se, leveling expertise via PvP alone is going to be very, very slow and not competitive. This holds especially true for grinding umbral shards.

Yes, in many ways it is. But hardly in the way posts asking for fresh servers are making it out to be. There have primarily been QoL fixes, it’s not a second coming, it’s not an ARR like revamp. Many of the old concerns are still present. And although some of them are on the roadmap to be changed, all of this has been untested on live. And we’ve all seen changes such as these to take longer periors of time before the issues are ironed out.


Do i really need to tell you whats different by lvling up in a world where everyone is lvling up Vs when everybody is Max lvl and have max gear?

The pvp, the Pve and about absolutly EVERYTHING is different.

I understand people dont want to start up again, but FFS let me start up again on a new server.
If the servers implode after 3 months, the game is going to implode with it, so then it really doesnt matter.

It seems alot of people on this forum are advocating against new servers because of what you might loose.
I really dont care.

If they dont introduce new servers i wont play the game anymore, its as simple as that.
New start, or nothing.


Stop acting as if I care in that regard either. I don’t. I’m not afraid of losing anything with fresh servers.

This on the other hand is the absolute garbage sentiment I foresee these forums being filled with after people return to a fresh server, and why I say it’s too early for fresh servers.

The entitlement lmao, I’m sure the devs care if Grimmx plays their game or not

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