The reporting system has become absurd

This issue of the massive reports made by entire guilds has become silly, with all due respect to the media that see this, when they want to carry out revenge the massive clans unite to report one or more users just for doing wrong and end up reporting to players for no reason, they only ban for the reports and already, today my Azteks clan from the US East Silha server were farming a boss to get the normal equipment of any mmorpg and a clan called `` New Order ‘’ to attacked my boys and they have joined the whole clan to report them for ‘’ cheating ‘’ when andie is doing none of that, rather, many of us are streamers, among them Alkapone, Mymtumtum, Gorilanerd, Saikenjuega, Skyshock among many Famous streamers of the Spanish-speaking platform that we are always playing and always outside the regulations, but as the reporting system is badly done, any large clan full of this kind of people You can attack when you want, and this happened before against the streamer Mymtumtum, and now against several at the same time, this has become absurd, which is what the support team is doing that sanctions without reasons or without concrete evidence of this style of ‘’ infractions ‘’.
Among those affected are Nep0o, Ironbless, Noble13, Pregos and Hatsuniki, I want to know what the real reason has been, because when we reported to this same clan that attacked us about abusing the exploit of the bears that became famous and thus managed to achieve lvl60 Before all the players you did NOTHING.
I hope for a quick solution to this situation that has already become absurd.
We have spent many hours, we are from hour 0 of the launch, we hope even a little attention from the support team!

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