The respawn for normal mob is too fast


Veronnika on the server Ker-ls

I think the respawn mob is too fast, when I am questing alone it’s tough to do a quest at the lvl near of 40 - 45 (it’s where I am at dont know further). I did’nt take a timer but after a mob die 10 to 15 second he will repop. If I make an exemple is when I attack an enemy camp, I move foward but if I was too slow to kill, I take my time or I am in mode healer (my second attribute) the mob will repop behind me and I am in stalemate. By the way I am mage and he can be really easy to kill mob and clear the quest but maybe with a little more time…

I find something more to support my point of view. Some group was taking an enemy, a lvl 58 and the other was like lvl 30 or a little higher. He was running around all the camp to take all the mob and was killing them at the entrance of the camp wave after wave. With the respawn mob so fast he was doing this none stop or almost.

I am just there to propose a little more time for the respawn don’t know how much but more lol. And when I was low level I can said I never thought this was a problem because it’s was very easy and smooth, the mob patern was easy to kill.

Anyways thanks you for the reader!

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I can confirm this is an issue. Mobs spawn too fast, right after killing two to three mobs next to each other, they spawn right after I finish the last one. I had no choice but to escape the area.

Another issue is mobs give you chase half way across the map. Please reduce chase range.

This happened to me in various/most Mourningdale Ancient temples.

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