The returned title

  • What is your character name in New World: Deadrekt
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Ennead
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Hit level 40, did not get title “The Returned”

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I don’t think they’ve released any details on that title yet.

Oh, my friend told me about it, and told me to put the title on so went to look and it wasn’t there, well then that’s good if it’s not out yet

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The title ‘The Returned’ will only awarded to players reaching level 40 on the Return to Aeternum servers.

Is there a source for this other than the streamers? I don’t believe this is very well confirmed.

That was what I read in the RTA discord about a week ago. I’m not in the discord anymore. Such a fiasco of an event. I can ask a friend to get a screenshot of it.

I thought the title was to be rewarded as soon as the event ends (which is today, 18th of November) and that the title would be handed out to those who reached level 40. That’s what I’ve been told but haven’t found any confirmation on that at all.

Made it to 40 on the Death server, but no title as yet. Perhaps after weekly maintenance?

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Same here. Event over, No title.

Also have not gotten title yet.

Same here reached level 41 on the Titan server, no title yet as of Nov 20th :slightly_frowning_face:

I just heard about this from Asmongold. Is this actually a thing? Since I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere nor got the title yet.

I played RTA event from day one and been 60 for a hot min and I still dont have it. maybe its still not released? has anyone seen anyone else with the title yet?

Any updates on this?

I’ve yet to find anything ‘official’ on it. I’ve heard it mentioned by several streamers, however, not just Asmo.

Strangely enough, despite several threads mentioning it here and on the event related discords, there’s been absolutely zero communication from AGS either confirming it or denying it’s existence.

Really poor form on their part. It wouldn’t take a hell of a lot of effort from them to say something one way or the other. They’re earning a reputation for ignoring things, almost like there’s an achievement for it or something.

Welcome to New world, but they already have this reputation, just read a forum, especially bug section, and look at the dates, some issue since release

Any updates on this yet or are the Devs just going to let this thread time out?

this title is not existing, a CM posted a statement in : Fehlender RTA Event Titel - #2 by Fennec

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I did see this, however the title itself does exist in the code and is related to RtA in someway. I imagine the truth lies somewhere in the middle or the title was pulled.

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Ahh thanks for the link.