The shocking failure to meet patch expectations

Before making an MMO, Amazon should have done research that players expect a weekly patch at the same time every week. This shocking oversight does not bode well for other issues that Amazon has totally got wrong (like open world PvP). Without weekly Wednesday patches and dedicated PvP servers, Amazon has failed to meet even the basic needs of the MMO community. It’s astounding that they didn’t spend time researching these things, and I truly fear that they don’t have a team capable of fixing the extreme amount of issues this game has. It’s really a shame, the game had so much potential after all. This is why you spend tons of money and years on R&D before even starting on an MMO!


Huh? Show me how many games have “weekly patch”. And if you prefer Wednesday maintenance, go back to WoW.

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WoW was ruined in 2004 when they removed open world PvP. Sadly this game is on the same path.

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It’s not shocking. It’s just jarring.

A weekly status report would satisfy most people. Patches don’t always have to happen on the same day. Communication absolutely needs to happen on a frequent and concrete schedule. The top dog should be addressing the players every single week with work updates.

It doesn’t take too much effort to spend a little time telling players, “Hey folks, we’re working on A, B, and C. D is a complex issue we need to fix correctly, so we’re examining that. We want to do E and F within the next timeframe. We’re busting our buts to bring you the best experience we can. Stay tuned!”

Sprinkle in some mechanics discussions the dev team is having. Hint at updates. Again, this needs to be the dev team honcho’s weekly thing. Be the face of your team and be a part of the community that drives your work.


Sure, that’s why WoW was still a top game until this/last year due to the scandals they got. More valid arguments?

Oh no! A big software project has to push complex problems out a bit more before rushing it to production!

Oh wait. That’s every software project. Put the pitchforks down. You people are just looking for a reason to be mad.


I think a lot of newly released games with many issues would be having weekly patches and updates until the major issues are dealt with. I dont expect a 10 or 15 year old game to need weekely patches. This one does.

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WoW being a top game had little to do with the removal of world PvP. It was the defining MMO of the generation. I beta tested WoW, it was way better with open world PvP, but removing it wasn’t going to stop it from being a big seller.

No they do not.

Oh man here we go just like your swimming animation was the writing on the wall even more hyperbole from you, shocker.

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No where have the devs stated that wednesdays were the scheduled patch/maint days or that they would happen every wednesdays.

Chill out.

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ESO does.

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From the forums it certainly appears a good number of players do expect weekly patches and on october 19th it was posted we would have a patch this week. So weekly looks to be pretty standard at this time.

I totally agree we should have a roadmap in fixes/development, but stating that players expect a weekly patch it’s just… Eve/GW/WoW/PoE/ESO to mention few (if you played any MMO games) you would notice that some of them do have a weekly maintenance for server, but not a patch. But wait, you are an entitled millennial, makes sense.

You do know million or so people play this game right. We have the same 20-30 posters going from thread to thread complaining about whatever hot topic another complainer posted about.

Those “from the forums” are the vocal minority.
The majority of gamers never step foot in these toxic pits, I am only here cause it kills time on travel days.


Well the majority of the players has some idea that software development is not cooking a meal, it is slightly more complex and if something is not ready - you do not throw this on the head of millions of players. Why patch every week? Patches and hotfixes have to be deployed when they are ready and well tested. Bugs happen, nothing wrong with them, but patches have to be deployed only when they are actually ready.

Give the devs time.

Just because you had patches on Wednesday before it does not mean that you get a patch every week.


According to steam its more like 500k about now not a million.

I wish more people would understand this Cryon1c, totally agree with you

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This is way too melodramatic to take seriously. Recommend you do some research as well.

Yes, no communication and no patch at same time as last week is disappointing. Shocking? No.

Before launch they said there were no PVP servers. If that’s an issue for you, why are you playing this game? Did you do even basic research on the title before you paid money for it?

LOL, yup I am a millennial and I vote with my money (which I have lots of). Amazon won’t be getting any of it, and neither will you!

Before you post you should really research what you are posting about. I don’t want to hurt your feelings again so I will give you time to correct this post.