The Shop and other stuff

The shop in non subscription games is supposed to inspire people to spend money in game, making money for the Company. Basic business. I have never seen such an uninspiring shop in any mmo yet, it looks as though it was an afterthought. A small selection of ghastly armour, no pets, hairstyles or other trivia, a whole page of company icons which are irrelevant to most of the player base.
Suggestions, let us have a transmog system of stuff we’ve picked up so we can at least make our own “costumes”. Put a “barber” in game, the hairstyle I chose looks totally different to how it looked in character creation and I would dearly love to get rid of it.The helms/hats are nothing a female would normally wear, so displaying aforementioned hair do is my only choice. I would gladly pay for a “barber”. Put a whole load more costume skins in the shop, some normal ones that look smart but not over the top. Spell effects for sale would be great too, pets…loads of pets to put in houses. Weapon skins…oh and the prices are horrific! Lower prices=more sold=more income.
I know this has been mentioned many times, but Azoth…why? and if you have to have it why the low upper limit?.. and the severe lack of teleportation spire things, not being allowed to port anywhere in the wild if your hour long Inn recall is on cooldown is boring in the extreme especially with no mounts. Another puzzling thing is not being able to port back to your camp.
I remember UO days where you could actually write a rune making it a portal place and put it in your rune book…awesome mechanic. Come to think of it UO had PvP perfect as well, two identical, parallel worlds one PVE and one PVP, with PvPers able to come up and PK PvEers but with 3 day prison to contend with. I well remember my son’s frequent…“can you get me out of jail please Mum”…whilst he was going to school :p.
To be honest, even though the game was delayed several times, it feels as though it was pushed out too quickly. I love the graphics, hate the different storage sheds, storage should be global. I understand this was supposed to be a PvP game at the beginning and unfortunately it feels like it now with the many niggling restrictions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it immensely but it needs a load more work to make it into a proper MMORPG that people want to stay with.

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