The solution to the musket problem

Is to not allow it outside of a musket only PvP map where everyone is a musket user and there is no line of sight to hide behind.

A fully open space with a last man standing map, for example. Shouldn’t take more than a day to code and test. No objective other than last man standing. Taken from an existing open world zone.

Or maybe a capture the flag team versus team where the action of capturing the flag would force players to race against each other and face each other in a fully open space.

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Muskets and Bows range of shooting should be limited the same like any other ranged weapon (Fire Mage, Ice Gauntlet, Void Gauntlet, Life Staff, Blunderbuss, Hatchet throw).

Ofc Muskets and Bows should have longer range than magic weapons, but not unlimited range!
Somewhere between 150-200m maximum range should fix the most issues. The huge majority of Bow/Musket players are playing light so it should be easy for them to kite around and shoot, keeping a distance of 100-200m would be more than enough.

This is not a shooter game to can hit from hidden bushes 1 km away or to shoot from spots that its nearly impossible to be seen physically.

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Visibility settings currently prevent muskets from hitting that far anyway. You cannot hit what you cannot see.

Edit: updated OP with map suggestions.

if anyone wonders why devs do not reply to such a threads is because this community balance ideas are absurd


It’s because balance has never been achieved nor will it ever be achieved by any game with so many variables and choices.

you’re starting to sound a lot like those negative misinformation troll posters you were spamming about the other day.

be more positive in your feedback copeyum

the solution is for u to go play it , and see that it acctually isnt OP and that you just dont know how to dodge/ play around it.

There should be some more cover in OPR, but OPR is garbage.

I would be more inclined to say it makes no sense why magic weapons have less range than other ranged weapons as they are well, magic as I say with my tongue packed as much as I can in my cheek. With that said its weird to see ice spikes and fire bolts just disappear instead of fizzle out or rather pop like they do for life staff light bolt thingies. It makes no sense to me other than throwing the frustrating “because its magic” in as the reason in of itself. If I knew how and was designing a weapon as a magical weapon in a game. I would be asking myself. Do the bolts gain or loose energy the farther they go. Is there going to be some mass to these objects? Do they fall as they travel? What kind of mark to they leave on the terrain or characters? Not just range, aoe, rate of fire and damage.

The map size is another issue. If you look at overwatch maps, you will notice they are super small in comparison and nobody complains about snipers one shotting players because it’s their fault for getting themselves killed to the snipers most of the time.

Well about every weapon in balance is a discussion about ‘risk and rewards’.

If a Musket/Bow goes on a cliff or hide in a spot that far away that u cant even see his name.
I’m asking where is the RISK?

Why Mage classes, Healers and other ranged weapons have limited range while Musket and Bow have no limits?
Why Mage classes, Healers and other ranged weapons have a risk when fighting and there are chances to get close to them and fight while Bow/Musket from Cliffs/bushes where u cant even see their name have ZERO RISK and only FULL REWARD?

I was more discussing the nature of the way half of the magic weapons just “boop” out of existence rather than pop. I was also talking about magic being magic (without reason rather and trumping logic because its a wishy washy topic. mind you you have touched a very underated topic. Risk and reward and im happy im not the only one that recognizes its importance. Yes almost every weapon should have an ability that exchanges damage for risk of death. Excluding a few based on its particular weapon trope such as the life staff being primarily a support class weapon. A common decent high risk high reward is long charged attacks that leave longer lasting aoe or dot attacks.
Personally i think combining abilities that rely on good timing to activate or release based on the attack animation would only bring this game into a more well received favor amongst the only player base and would attract more players who are looking for a better developed combo system within an action based mmo. While failing at combining attacks with bad timing would consume both abilities and weaken the overall attack to only a marginally better attack than a base standard ability.

Say combining ice tomb with ice shower to construct a physical wall that explodes after x amount of time. While failing messes up and consumes both spell slots but makes a much smaller wall that can be hopped over and doesnt explode.

Or combining meteor shower fireball to shoot a small volley of multiple fireballs that travel similar to the basic fireball attack. While failing messes up just shoots a single fireball and consumes both spell slots.

This could also exist for melee attacks like being able to hammer toss your your weapon and your body in toe as the warhammer by combining abilities like mighty gavel with wrecking ball. Failing that just casts wrecking ball that does a bit more damage.

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I’d agree on nerfing the range if they make it like real life and make one bullet kill you. That’d be really funny to see.

ye, i m sure in real life one 2 handed axe wount 1 shot u

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