The Spark's Revenge : Chapter 2 now added

I bow in prayer within these silent halls to hear the whispers of the Gods of Aternum, so that they may bless the ignorant in the way of the Spark.

But this day, I opened my eyes, confused to the dissonant whisper of desecration of these halls. I looked to the lights that showered me with gentle radiance from upon the alter.

WHAT MOCKERY IS THIS?..the defilement…this!! This!! Who dares to steal from the Church of the Spark!? The candle, suspended without the Spark’s influence. What trickery was this?

So I searched the sacred hall both high…

… and low for a proper candelabra to fix what had been done, but to no avail.

I turned to the wisdom of Amano Ushi, The Eyes of the Spark, for any guidance to find the ones responsible for the desecration.
Alas no whispers befell her ears nor vision granted upon her. I was on my own.

The question was “who?”. This was a strategic ploy which rules out those fools, moss brained Marauders. Their thirst for power rarely sees traces of tact within their population.

Those Syndicate schoolboys, with nothing but magic and clouds between their ears, will pay for their transgression. With the light of the Spark as my guide, this will be the last time the Syndicate filth steps within our halls.


When is chapter 2 coming…WHEN!!!


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Finishing up part 2 now.

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So, decided to elaborate more on Chapter 2 with some “history” to draw people into the story more. Had some awesome opportunities to screenshot people in the right places at the right time. So currently adding more to chapter two. I should have it ready to go by this evening. For chapter 3 I would like to do something a little different to bring yall into the story mode more, I will be doing a pole style decision on which way our main character will go, in figuring out what lies ahead.


A choose your own adventure? My man is out here producing real quality content for free…

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The Sparks’s Revenge : Chapter 2 - A Light Within

I set my sights upon the Territory of Windsward, to a sister church of the Spark in search of evidence. Surely there was more to this than how it appeared.

Speaking to another Eye of The Spark, Gilander Dempster, I once again ended up empty handed. Were they so far beneath our notice? So hidden within the dark shadows, cast beneath the Spark’s light? The questions swarmed my mind, but the biggest of them all was "Why?

I gazed upon the lit alter of our sister church to once again see the same desecration from my home. A floating candle without the foundation of the candelabra. Simply gone. Missing from it’s rightful place…the same place…in the exact same way. This…this may be something …much more.

Night fell upon the land, but like the cycle of day and night, my mind cannot rest. Visions keep me awake of where it began so long ago.
The Stronghold Cathedral of the Spark calls to me. These visions are the Gods whispers I surly know it, as they are too strong to deny it. Many years had passed since the last time my eyes withheld the ruins of my old home. The place where it all began. The Great Invasion.

May the Spark keep those shrieking wraith-like memories from revisiting my gaze, when I close my eyes. I hope that one day, before the flow of azoth dies and my life ends, I can see her rebuilt in glory.

A familiar face welcomed me upon it’s ruined steps. Beatris Roose, an old friend that fought through many battles by my side.
“What brings you so far from your new home?”, a haunted complexion adorned her pleasantly surprised and uncertain gaze.
Within the crumbling walls, we discussed the matters at hand and how it must be some twisted plot that had gone unchecked for years. With a pensive nod she agreed to send word for an emergency meeting of the Spark’s Eyes.

Soft and gentle rays of light, pierced through the dismal clouds above the town, to fall though the breached vaulted ceiling.

Upon a still standing pedestal, a single piece of holy text bathed within the Spark’s light. It was burnt, the corners charred, smeared with ash…but what remained was a single legible sentence.
“For no spark is greater than another, for we all are one light to lead the way.”

The remaining soldiers within the city were sent to search, both high and low, for any details or leads on the situation.
I stood perched upon the top of the tower, soaking in what rays prevailed through the overcast sky. I wondered if perspective could open my eyes to what remained hidden.

Though one thing is for sure, I’ve never noticed how all the Syndicate members are stationed in front of our Great Cathedral.

As I looked at the carnage of the ruined church, I felt my blood writhe within my veins and the heat in my stomach give way to a carful tempered rage.
Perhaps, this was what they started…and they intend to finish it once and for all.


Want to also give a big thank you to @Chef_Mobi , she has helped with the wordage used in this story to hopefully make it a better read for yall. Thanks again sis for all your doing.


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