The Special Summer Stash

I claimed this, Twitch claim was successful - when do we get the items? They are not listed in my Claim Item section of the store.


After the update more than likely.

It contains instruments which haven’t been added to the game yet.


That is what I thought also. TY

Hello @mhaijik,

I’m sorry your having this issues, please hold for the update or up to 48 hours, if by that time you still haven’t received the items please reach us back and let us know so we can help you.


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I haven’t received mine either and I claimed it way before the OP posted he also had an issue.

I have not received mine either. Is there an update?, message above - 3 days ago, mentioned to let you know if we haven’t received them in 24 hours = yesterday.

Ive also not received my stash and its been 4-5 days since i claimed it on twitch

I still haven’t received mine. What do I need to do now? (I’ve received twitch items before for NW)

Same, nothing received here. I did contact customer service but all they say is to unlink and relink the twitch account. I was told it will be in the next patch so fingers crossed.

bruhhhhhhhhhhhh… you ll get your shit after the summer patch!! just relaxxxxx

Patch hit still no box

you can redeem you items now:
ingame: press esc click on shop in the bottom left of the shop window there should be a button called “redeem items”


Yeah it’s not there

Me neither, claimed it first day of the drop was available.

Update: Its available in the shop as Flashthyber said ! Tyvm !

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I just did the same and found my twitch drops. It would have been better had Amazon been a little more clear on this so as to properly set expectations.

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Hello Aeternum Dwellers and welcome to the forums @Gameholix, @Kalis, @Lxy, @Sidistix, @pikeman94.

I am sorry to hear some of you were having an issue getting these items and thank you @Flashthyber for clarifying this for everyone. Do not hesitate marking their response as the solution if this took care of it for you. Also thank you all for your feedback regarding how this process could have been clearer.

I will keep an eye on this thread in case anyone still has questions. See you in Aeternum! :wolf:


No, it’s not there. You’re both wrong. We don’t need clarification on how to receive them. We’re telling you they aren’t there to receive in the first place?

Worked for me, thanks!.. also it is called “Item Claim”, at least in my ingame store.