The state of AGS/NW

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Be realistic.

AGS had the financial weight of Amazon inc.
A launch hype not seen since an early WoW launch
Major industry names attached

What the players received:
Server merges within 3 mo of launch
Automated probates/bans that are abusable and not monitored by a human
Constant direction changes due to ineffectual leadership
Complete lack of leadership visibility or engagement
A trashed economy paired with sudden removals of the ability to trade
(In a game based entirely on a player-run economy)
Complete lack of direction in end-game content

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whereas i do fully agree… what is your point?

While I agree 100% what is your overall point? Everyone… well… everyone with an IQ above a toddler knows and understands all this.

It is intended as a partial laundry list of issues that the leadership needs to take heed of in visible ways if they actually want to stop this ship from bringing down the entire studio.

made my day… you seriously believe cms would bring that forward?
well… you made my day :rofl:

At this point I have no doubt that 90% of the people at AGS are just trying to collect paychecks while job shopping. But it is worth the attempt.

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