The State of New World PvP

A lot has been said with regards to new worlds pvp situation. However I wanted to try and summarize a few of the issues I’ve seen over the last month which includes the new February patch as well as moving to a high pop server.

  1. Combat & Weapon Balance

Like many people here, I feel like the combat is in its worst state its ever been in. The queueing system, the new weapon swap bug that just doesn’t let you swap, the lag, the de-sync, Its all a lot, and to be honest I just don’t see how we can hav meaningful weapon balance discussions with the current state of combat. This obviously needs to be priority number 1, ahead of arenas, ahead of new content. If the current content is almost unplayable due to the bugs and server performance what are we even doing?

Now, for weapon balance I think one of the biggest issues I have is that too many weapons are considered “utility” weapons, where you don’t need to spec into any of the primary or secondary attributes to get near full use of the weapon. Weapons such as:

  • Rapier
  • Ice Gauntlet
  • Void Gauntlet
  • Warhammer

The solution of the devs thus far has been to increase cooldowns (in the case of the rapier, and I guess it’ll eventually happen with the IG as well). However this has a negative effect on people wanting to actually play these weapons outside of their pure utility.

My solution to this is that the utility needs to scale with the primary/secondary stats. Either via CDs, length of stun/root/slow or whatever. But make it so that if you want to have an effective reposte you need to spec into dex or int to get utility out of it, can’t just be a 300 Foc/200con healer with a. Rapier and get all the utility as a dex player. Maybe this requires some re-tooling and switching weapon secondary scaling.

  1. Open World PvP

Open world PvP is essentially broken right now. Here is how it goes on a high population server.

The territory war is resolved, several dozen people from the opposing factions have already completed a string of PvP quests and instantly turn them in the moment the war is resolved. You then have an entire company Zerg run the PvP missions for 10-15 min (maybe up to an hour if its a slow night) until the influence is capped. In this time, the opposing faction rarely comes out to contest it it would mostly just be the defending company and there really isn’t any benefit for other company’s to come help “defend”. Maybe you get a fight between the two non-controlling factions? But its really few and far between.

I think the biggest issue with open world PvP is there isn’t enough incentives to go out and defend a territory, its also difficult in that you’ll end up with 1 (maybe 2) full factions pushing your territory as the companies race to get the 10% they need to declare.

This brings us then to…

  1. War

In my opinion the solution here is that territory ownership and open world pvp should be company v company. Give the defending companies some incentive/bonuses to defending their territory in the open world, make the pvp missions more engaging rather than run to point a, do thing and then go back to town.

Another thing to do with company v company is break the territories into sub-zones so there are more opportunities for war. You can even do something to ensure that the people fighting the wars are company members by reducing active participants and capping the amount of mercenaries/allies allowed to fight for you.


  1. OPR/Arenas

My only thing here is that they need to fix the combat. Possibly add in cross server OPR/Arena queues, institute the QOL changes in the march update and some additional maps for OPR would be nice.

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In all honesty we cant even or shouldnt even talk weapon balance until each and every lag and desync and bug is fixed. They should focus on that because you cant even see how each weapon performs on this low tech servers

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