The state of the game 11/20/2021

Good afternoon AGS,

First I want to start by saying thank you for the hard work you have put in to deal with the exploits and bugs. While I know many people have shown frustration and been upset about these I know that you have spent a lot of time and energy trying to resolve these issues, and as a player I appreciate your efforts in this.

I have some areas I would like to talk about with your recent patch 1.1 that I think are very concerning for the future of the game. At the start of the game I was all about the group play, but I have found myself wanting to do things like grinding WM and questing as much as I can solo. I enjoy the challenge and appreciate the effort it did take to get to the 600 WM for gear. There were some methods that your game offered solo players options to work on the WM but after the recent patch the drop rates on this particular elite (Fae) were nerfed to the ground (this is just one example). With these “silent nerfs”, I am now forced to work through grouping in the high level zones to efficiently farm my WM if I wanted to get to the 600 level, which is fine until I joined the first group session after the patch. On our server we call the mass gathering the “zerg” and I have done the zerg before, it is boring, there is no effort needed and honestly I get why you are looking to change things a bit. However, what you have done now is made it extremely difficult for zergs, which likely means it is going to be almost impossible for 5-10 man groups which is the real sweet spot when farming your WM (per your statements in a previous post).

So, I decide to set the WM aside and look at continuing my trade skills, only to see again that you have increased the experience needed SIGNIFICANTLY when it comes to the trade skills. I think I understand the goal which is really to get players to craft and utilize all of the items in the game, not cheese their way to the 200 skill cap using the cheapest methods possible. I can appreciate that mindset but I think that again you have put in some very tough walls for the mid-level and casual player base to make it to the goals they need to make it to.

This patch has all but crippled a mid-level and casual player from being able to complete end game items, and this is coming from someone who has put in over 400+ hours in the game.

Now my actual feedback:
I wish you would reconsider some of these nerfs you implemented for a few reasons.

  1. If your goal was to keep the players in the game longer, making them have to play insane amounts of hours is not going to be the path forward. Instead provide them exclusive content to play for. Maybe make item drops for particular rare items increase during certain times. Putting the tougher Elites and Trade Skill exp increase in place only hurts your mid-level and casual players. Your hardcore grinders have already made it through the cheese to the trade skills they needed before the patch, so of course they are minimally impacted by this.
  2. Please don’t silent nerf things like you did again. Silent nerfing things only makes players trust you less. Own your decisions and tell your player base about them. Don’t put the nerfs in, have your players find out about them, AND THEN address the situation. This builds distrust among your players and devs and will continue to drive a negative wall between the two groups, who honestly need to mesh together.
  3. This MMO can and still will be great, you have done a lot of good things here, but let your community help you out. Don’t hide things that are majorly impactful from them. Let them provide the proper feedback from the PTR. You can see some of the controversial topics rise up form the PTR and will help you with further patch releases in the game.

I hope you just take the time to read this. This is not me attacking you just trying to provide some feedback from how I am feeling as a player. I want to continue to grind and enjoy the game, but I just don’t feel like it is going to be worth the insane amount of time it is going to take just to get to GS 600 and prep for the next content drop, let alone complete all of the dungeons, wars, invasions, etc.

-Grill Dad


I pray this sincere advice does not fall upon deaf ears.

Unfortunately I do not think I have enough status within the community to get them to actually read this and take it in, but hopefully others will read and share and maybe someone with a bigger value of their opinion can use this to feed their feedback to AGS as well

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