The Story of Aukumea (NA West) How a server was murdered

To start I would like to acknowledge that this game functions off of a player built economy and I am in no way here to complain, I simply want to tell a story and enlighten this community to the events that led to purposeful murder of the server Aukumea. I would like to, if at all possible, help to avoid this level of manipulation anywhere else.

Aukumea started as a predominately Purple server with 2 companies dominating, one the perpetrator of this servers demise being a company know as “Elysian”. This dominance continued into the early weeks of the game with little to no help, communication or support allowed by Elysian in any wars, influence raids or watermark farm. They were and, from what I understand form sources on Camelot, still are a company composed of between 150-250 hardcore players. While this behavior may not be ideal in a game focused on faction cohesion this was understandable given their level of commitment surpassing those unable to give 8-10 hours of a day to playing.

A few weeks later when the initial server transfers were opening up Elysian was publicly attempting to sell the settlements back to the server. As you can guess this did not go well for them by any means and ultimately may have led to their malicious behavior that followed. With 200 or so Syndicate faction members all of the sudden gone they left all taxes, trade costs, rents and fees at Extreme. Now this may just seem simply distasteful but at the current stage of progression barely anyone was 60 and most 60’s were less than a week fresh meaning the inability to afford rent, list items, or progress professions. While this situation may have been damaging to the economy of Aukumea what followed simply sealed it’s fate. Elysian continued to make alts either through account share/new accounts/characters and rotate Governance in order to siphon 100’s of thousands of coin off server.

(The above point is indisputable. More than half a dozen company owners can attest to this and there is plenty of documented evidence in screenshots and testimony as well as game data to support this)

A server intended to be self sufficient can survive a max exodus along with decreasing player base but not the combined forces of intentional mass cross server money siphoning and exodus.

These events continued for a few weeks after and even to this day Elysian still controls Reekwater on Aukumea. Through some means they have kept Covenant from taking their settlements by using entire Marauders rosters for defense up until recently when they allowed them to have it for free after the collapse of it’s infrastructure.

The combined mass reporting by Covenant and Marauders on Aukumea against shot callers before wars has led to not only a toxic but account damning environment.

The above information can and will be confirmed by multiple sources on/from Aukumea. Accountability is necessary for the healthy maintenance of these servers.

Thank you


Giving players the power to grief other players is always a stupid idea.


Agreed. A significant portion of the Aukumea economy was siphoned off to another server, and we were left with 2 territories that were owned by a company that was no longer on the server


Am on Aukumea. Can confirm. And with the latest batch of people leaving this weekend, I fear the server is about to be left pretty barren. Aukumea has been ravaged.


Aukumea veteran here. I can confirm this accounting of events. Maybe some minute difference in details. But it does highlight the gist of it. When all this went down, players did reach out to AGS asking them to investigate the behavior and the impact it had and still has on the server. Silence, as expected.


Can confirm all of this. I’m currently on Aukumea waiting to transfer as soon as Amazon can fix the trading post/transfer bug. What Elysian did killed the server.


yup that about sums it up

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@Zin_Ramu @Luxendra
Examples like this are why all player control over Settlements should be ended.
It was a nice experiment, but just like forced PvP in Alpha, some players will ruin everything they can.
Removing player control over settlements will not only solve a lot of issues but open up new opportunities.


Can confirm this all happened. Downgraded Everfall into the ground and leeched like 1,000,000+ gold from the server. 600,000 confirmed from taxes AFTER the company left, which means there was lots more they got from before the departure.


On Aukumea as well, and the retelling nailed everything that has happened. Also over the past week, the largest Covenant and the largest Maruader companies have dissolved and moved off the server as well taking even more wealth and leaving the server with a dwindling player count. The server is really in a rough point at this moment. It desperately needs the connected trade posts and to merge with another server. We would transfer to another server, but half of our company has already used their transfer token to come join us since they originally couldn’t create characters on this server.

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It can’t be emphasized enough. Server mergers need to happen sooner rather than later.


And end up merged into a server with the same griefing Company?
Bans need to go out first.
This sounds like an obvious thing to say but it is in fact not. There is still no proof of bans for the lag exploitation and invincibility cheats that were rampant two week ago.

And @Luxendra kindly remind the devs that it is prioriting server transfers, and giving away free server transfers, which literally enabled the griefing behavior described by the OP.


Same happend atm on Gorias. All taxes on extreme … :expressionless:

Besides the situation being bad, this reads like the game been running for months, while it’s only 5 weeks.


Well and rightly said.


I just hope we can have a merge sometime in the near future.

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In agreement here. People are just too rotten for this to work out as intended. It really needs to be adjusted.


It’s not even a new thing. Weeks ago cheaters won settlements with lag exploitation and planned to do this sort of burn and embezzle because they knew FREE transfers were coming.

The Free Transfers are literally what’s making this possible. Players would probably think twice about it if they had to spend IRL money to transfer.


If they’re siphoning off millions of coin a $14.99 transfer fee might make them think twice…before they transfer.

Server transfers were a triage situation for AGS but I’ve heard several server horror stories now, caused by transfers.

The commonest scenario seems to be a large group (conveniently filthy rich and outfitted in full voidbent) coming to a healthy server, dumping mass items on the market with trashes the economy and utterly dumpsters server balance.

Server merges may help, but unless chosen very carefully at AGS, could even make things worse.