The Story of Aukumea (NA West) How a server was murdered

Same happend atm on Gorias. All taxes on extreme … :expressionless:

Besides the situation being bad, this reads like the game been running for months, while it’s only 5 weeks.


Well and rightly said.


I just hope we can have a merge sometime in the near future.

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In agreement here. People are just too rotten for this to work out as intended. It really needs to be adjusted.


It’s not even a new thing. Weeks ago cheaters won settlements with lag exploitation and planned to do this sort of burn and embezzle because they knew FREE transfers were coming.

The Free Transfers are literally what’s making this possible. Players would probably think twice about it if they had to spend IRL money to transfer.


If they’re siphoning off millions of coin a $14.99 transfer fee might make them think twice…before they transfer.

Server transfers were a triage situation for AGS but I’ve heard several server horror stories now, caused by transfers.

The commonest scenario seems to be a large group (conveniently filthy rich and outfitted in full voidbent) coming to a healthy server, dumping mass items on the market with trashes the economy and utterly dumpsters server balance.

Server merges may help, but unless chosen very carefully at AGS, could even make things worse.

LMAO this was the best thing ive read all day!

Please post your “proof” as we are all eager to see it.

BTW Elysian here, Do Better.

What is this post supposed to get you? We played the game

I took all the greenwood am sorry I need it am addicted to it


You forgot the part where the entire server villified Elysian on literally the second day, when they hadn’t done anything but take EF and power level.

Literally on day two the complaining and toxicity started:

  • “Elysian needs to be running portal groups in EF, not leaving it for other people”

  • “They didn’t upgrade the stations we wanted them to, we need a real company in charge”,

  • “I can’t believe they prioritized a territory defence over the an invasion, those guys suck!” (at a time when nobody had won an invasion).

Every day, syndicate and global tore into Elysian, long before there was any cause to do so.

Your post is filled with hyperbole, conjecture, and plainly false statements. If you have evidence, other than people making things up in chat, come forward with it.

While you are in the running for gold in the victim olympics, you aren’t grounded in reality. And your continued fixation on a guild that left weeks ago is sad, Apply some self reflection, recognize your collective roles in this situation, put in the effort to take Reekwater, and move on. For your own sake.


this thread is sad and if you cant even muster enough people to take a territory when 99% of that faction is gone you i doubt we were the biggest contributor of the “murdered” server. simply not many good players were playing there except us.


Hey! This was a great story. Story is the perfect word for it because a story is meant for entertainment. And boy, where we entertained. Let me tell you the story from my point of view.

We started on the server like everyone else did, on a beach, after a crash. The thing that our company had going for us that no others had was a plan. We had a launch day strategy, we had a 2 week strategy, and we had a long term goal. We took Everfall in 2 hours 30 minutes, the next town was taken in over 6 hours. We all knew the fastest leveling methods and we did it to our max efficiency. Within the first week, we already had people talking about how we were exploiting, and cheating to get faster levels. As the game progressed, so did we, but at a faster rate than anyone else on the server. We were winning every war. We were farming up all our watermarks. We were progressing our gathering and crafting. But yet… Everyone on the server thought that since we were so far ahead, we owe the rest of the server something.

Like OP said, we had 150+ members, we didn’t need help from others on the server, we had people in our company to do anything we would need. We kept it in the company, and kept it tight. People hated us for this, and this alone. We didn’t owe anyone anything. We had friends on the server outside of the company. Nice players. Players who weren’t snakes and who didn’t talk down about us in global and even faction chat. They would ask for help in wars or whatever, but because they weren’t toxic to us.

In the nicest way possible, we left the server because you all sucked! Every war was a stomp, we took towns in 8 minutes, we defended our towns by not letting the enemy outside their own gates. You may not like it, but the end game is PvP, and we wanted to get off of easy difficulty. After every war we won, we said our gg’s, and we went back to playing our game. But for hours after any war, global chat and faction chat talk about which bug and exploit we were abusing this week. Hate to break it to you, but people and a company can be good without exploits.

WE left with the money WE made from the server from items WE made/gathered/got as drops. I would lean on the side of saying, there was more, us selling to us than anything. When it comes to max taxes, when you know you are leaving a server, you would do the same thing. Don’t try to act like you wouldn’t want to make a quick buck before you leave. When we left, Everfall was declared on 3 hours after we all were out. Surprise surprise… Let the people on the server fight for scraps. We don’t care about the server anymore. Sadly, (for everyone else on that server) we somehow defended Everfall? Thanks to whoever did that. And apparently we still own Reekwater. Apparently players on that server can’t take a town from a guild that has been gone for over 2 weeks.

Sorry to say this, but all this was kind of brought on by yourselves. You talk down to us, then expect us to help. You try to exile us, but complain when we leave. Sounds like we were never going to make you like us, and we never cared if you liked us. To the people that didn’t do anything wrong to us. We love you. :slight_smile: We enjoyed playing with you all. But to everyone who complained about “us exploiting” and people who talked down to us in chats, just know, we have been gone for 2+ weeks. We are still living in your heads rent free. But most of all…

pokiW is still ontop.


This thread is a perfect example of why the town system isn’t a lot of fun for a lot of people. It’s especially crappy when players who don’t have the time to get sweaty and no life a server wind up caught in the undertow of egos clashing.


Except what can you actually buy? Repair kits are limited by player-generated supply. And they are obviously not the type to bother with settlement upkeep.

Smells like some kind of RMT money-making scheme to me.

Thanks to lag exploitation? Or was it during the invincibility cheats?

@Luxendra Per your update on current issues,

the elephant in the room is the exploits that have been plaguing this feature. In particular, the now common practice of spamming the Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, or the Life Staff in order to create latency problems while capturing control points.

Really slow action on AGS has realistically made all wars suspect. AGS attempting to handle the issue has gone on for way too long. It’s overdue to untie player influence from Settlements. All the constant cheating can at least be isolated into a no-consequence instanced match like Outpost Rush.

I feel like everyone is ignoring the elephant in the server. Elysian left Aukumea → no one was defending the territory.

That the territory was not conquered in 2 days is comical. That Reekwater is still not conquered just shows that there wasn’t enough population for anyone to play the game.

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If you knew anything about those exploits (which are supposedly patched) they would not help with winning wars that fast. The “invincibility” bugs required people to be inactive.

Sure, you can say all wars are suspect, but if you say that, then why blame anyone in particular?

What lag exploitation? What Invincibility cheats? We didnt use them, we were just better organized, geared, and prepared. Sure hope you have some sort of proof to support these claims otherwise you’re just another hater puffing hot air.