The story of john the meele

Now lets ask John here who has regular voidbent and signed up for arenas how much fun he had… oh and john also thought he should be able to 1v1 a healer and kill him as well but learned a lesson now crys to nerf the healers… People are down for killing this game as bad as ags is… Also when john tryed to kill this healer he swang with his wepon hitting same amount as healer healed although he never cc or stunned him or got hiim using single grav well because in reality John dosnt pvp and his timing is terrible and he wants people to stand there and do nothing while he kills them… also healers always have 5 to 10 people trying to murder them in war or opr so the healers whos head has been on a swivel from day one didnt even have to use a rapier to dance around him.
End of story…

Cries in heavy healer

im trying to defend ya`s bro in every section its not right what there doing.

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