The Sulphur Pits Are Something Else

Man, I have never seen so many level 60s die in a concentrated pve area in the game ever. I was pretty excited to see sandstone and sulphur to mine, but I was not expecting it to be the level 60 pve thunder dome.

I like the addition of the acid status and the mobs around the brimstone nodes. It adds a level of difficulty to gathering that will either force people to gather carefully or die. Overall I give sulphur mining a 10/10 and would like to see more resources added that are dangerous to get. This also makes gathering sulphur not possible for bots which is a plus.


Agreed… actually paused to go make the chitin plates and some acid pots… find myself killing things first then farming… running in and out as needed to not die… very stressful… just don’t like that all my work can be stolen if a player bumbles by…

Yep, I think they could fix this by having any mobs within a certain radius agro on to people trying to mine the nodes, that way you can’t just walk up while someone is fighting the mob and steal it.

What they should do is reserve the node for first player to hit it for 30 or 45 seconds so ninja looting the nodes doesn’t have to be something griefers can do.

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Been there lol


Very Accurate :joy:

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Acid pits are the new Myrkgard Thorpe.

God I hate them so much.

Decided to go through and do every MSQ and side quest, and collect every chest I come across, as well as get any sandstone and sulphur I find.

These pits…

Me, no chitin armor at all. Became easier after the quest that gives you tinctures, still frustrating though.

Often run into the dilemma of dealing with the frustration, or pretending I don’t see the purdy, highly tempting, chest that’s just chilling in the middle of the acid.

just use incense… purifying toast and small regen potions to cleanse the burn

ah ye and the tincture…

no armor or chiting needed

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