The tank and melee problem

This might be an good suggestion about tanking and melee problem, that so many melee players struggling with in game.

Strength 250 and 300
Constitution 250 and 300

Swift them so strength gets -60% damage reduction and +20% stun, slow and root.
And constitution gets stamina regen faster light/heavy attacks and light/heavy attack get grit.

add: new perk stand fast:when using a tower shield, you become heavy and cant be pushed back while blocking.

This would help out both tanks and melee.

Thanks for reading!

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This would force tanks to always run strength. You couldn’t run a spear with a sword and shield if they did this.

-60% damage reduction is just first hit you get, which can be from any force, can be hard or light hit, so not so needed in long turn and 20% stun, slow is more better for melee bruiser player anyway.

Grit on light/heavy attacks on constitution would help tank out alot more then the -60% reduction first hit you take (60sec cd).

Cus as now even when you blocking attacks and you have 2-3sec window you can make 2x light attacks on boss, you get hit from trash mobs or boss and get knocked back, atleast with grit tanks can hold there position and more resist against knock backs.

Melee players pvp have longer cc on casters/healers for exemple.

that -60% damage reduction is a must for tanks in high mutagen dungeons.

Can go with that, atleast 300 perks I might think help out both tanks and melees if swift out.

And to be honest grit isn’t really good for a tank… that is way better for an attacker… you don’t need your attacks to be unstaggerable if your mainly blocking/dodging

Read dodge as tank make you lose threat.

How about stamina regen?
When stamina is low, some bosses hits hard with 2-3 hits and your stamina goes 0 in no times.
You drop your guard and get hit + pushed back/stuned.

That is true the stam regin should be on the constitution line

Tanks are hated by AGS - This is very clear…

No endgame amulet without spending >300k.
No endgame tower shield unless you are exceptionally lucky.
Losing half of your weapon stats on weapon swap…
taking ~7-8k crits from casters at range
No damage received / absorbed points in OPR…
Having to waste half your perks on despised / hated…
Con perk line is utter garbage…
Lets not talk about the horrible amount of knockbacks and jerky camera angles…

@Luxendra - are tanks getting a review any time soon?


Don’t think I’ve ever been hit by a mage that hard, usually get jumped by a bunch of bruisers and melted immediately.

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And then we need INT 250 -60% damage reduction and FOC 250 -60% damage reduction and DEX 250 -60% damage reduction as well right? SO

Or are you advocating that the GA\WH dps needs to have special DR?

Good to see this thread has gravitas… @TrevzorFTW are you able to comment on the above pls?

Lol yeah strength based melee, needs a hand.

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